Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 46 Sumoto: Bye Bye President

Another week has flown by!
how are you my famiLy and friends? this Week was nuts! why? because we got A new mission president. president smoot. president welch flew out this last saturdaY after doing his bye bye conference on friday. that was way harder than i thought it was going to be. for the conference he gave uS all His interview questions that he asked as his final interview tO returning missionaries and it was so powerfuL. he gave us his 13 articles of never going less active and haD us All covenant together that we will never leave the truth of the restored gospel of jesus Christ. i'm not going to lie i wept quite a bit, bUt they were tears of joy for the blessing that it has been to be a missionary of ouR lord jesus christ with president welch. i am so grateful foR the guidance and love thar president welch gave to us and the immense change that he made in my life. i covenAnt with all my heart that i will Never stray from the gospel of chrisT. i will follow him to the biTter end and give Everything that is in Me to Prove my Love to him. he is my savior and my greatest hEro and as we have seRved together he has bEcome my best friend. i love this gospel with all of my heart. i am so exCited to cOntinue to share it with others for the rest of My life. i can't wait to see what adventures are to coMe as i continue to prEss forward as a missionary of the lord with our New mission president, presiDent smoot. love you all!

elder allred

Bye bye conference
This says Kobe

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