Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 25 Tottori: Oh Snow!

konnichiwa minasan!
this week was crazy! it was filled with crazy snowstorms, exhausting
travel, getting chased by people witH katanas, and the changing of our
missionary schedulE! this week has got me all over the place but i am
also stoked out of my mind! at the beginning of this week we traveled
to the zone leader area to do interviews with the mission president,
but then A crazy snowstorm hit japan and all of the tRains and
highways got closed so we were stuck in The zone leaders' area. we
took advantage of the situation and did some companion exchanges, i
was with tanaka chōrō and it was a blast! he hardly knows any english
so i was full japanese for the whole exchange. we went around helping
people left and right get their cars pushed out of the snow and then
teaching lessons where we could. but my coMpanion was with the other
zone leader and apparently they housed into someone who wasn't really
friendly with our church. the guy ended whipping out his katana and
chasing them out of that neIghborhood! they called the police and took
care of things but it sounded like a crazy night for them! we were
finally able to Get back to tottori a couple days later after enough
of the snow melted. tHat was definitely some of the most exhausting
travel I have done yeT on the mission.

after that we were able to watch this year's worldwide Mission
broadcast where they announced that there is going to be changes for
every missionaries schedule throughout the world. the change is
effecting different missionaries differently depending on where they
are serving. some places missionaries are even waking up early or
later based on their specIfic circumstances! we learn what exactly our
new schedule will be sometime this week. i'm so excited to see what
changes for us! they also loosened up a lot of the iNdividual
companionships abilities to choose more freely how their schedule is
going to go. they mentioned in the broaDcast that it seems like the
lord is really giving more trust to his missionaries. this really made
me reflect on whether or not i am truly worthy of the lord's trust.
agency is one of the greatest gifts that god has given us and really
Shows how much he trusts us. heavenly father and jesus christ love us
so much and they want more than anyThing for us to be happy. they have
given us the path and the tools that are required to achieve that
never-ending happiness, but it is up to us to choose the path that
they have made. satan has done a really good job of making other
"foRbidden paths" appear to be the path to happinEss but ultimately
they will just end in heartbreak and emptiNess. true lasting happiness
can only be attained by following christ and his path for us. with
this new schedule i know that there will be more temptations to be
lazy and not work as hard, but i am committinG right now to give the
lord my all. i love my savior so much and this opportunity that i have
to serve with him is truly such a privilege. i know that by staying on
this paTh we will receive more joy than we can even imagine. christ
truly is the way (2 nephi 31:20-21). i love you all and Hope that your
week is awesome!



Week 24 Tottori: Lead Me Guide Me

this week was great! we workEd hard and taught a ton of lessons and
had an awesome zone training meeting. at the zone training meeting i
learned a ton about receiving personal revelation. the spirit truly
can guide us in everything that we do if we just commit to the lord to
follow eVerything that he asks. sometimes that can be rEal difficult,
but that's the thing, it requires complete trust in our heavenly
father and jesus chRist. as soon as we put our trust in them the
spirit will teach us the things that the lord wants us to do. if we
follow those promptings then the Lord will reveal more to us, then if
we follow those we will receive more and more until we are entirelY
being lead by the spirit in all things. the scriptures teach this
perfectly, in 2 nephi 28:30, it says, "blessed are those who hearken
unto my precepts, and lend an ear unto my counsel, for THey shall
learn wisdom; for unto him that receiveth i will give more; and from
them that shall say, we have enough, from them shall be taken away
even that which they have." this is how the lord works, by giving us
little by little so that we are always able to progress. so lately i
have been trying really hard to lIsten to the small promptings of the
spirit so that someday i can be led by the spirit iN all of my
missionary work. it really was such a great meetinG.

besides that we have just been working so hard to find new
investIgators. we keep finding people that seem really promiSing but
then the completely dissapear. if only they knew how incredibly
vAluable this message truly is. but i know that as we continue to Work
hard and follow that spirit that leads us to do good then wE will find
those who will receive us. i love this work so much and sharing it
makes me feel so amazing. my japaneSe is still very choppy but man i
can't tell you how many times the wOrds have just flown out of my
mouth when i need to be bold in testifying about soMething. it really
is so amazing. well i love you all and hope that you have a great

elder allred
Our Zone Training Meeting Crew

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 23 Tottori: Fast Offerings

hello everyone!
this week was crazy! first i must confess i had not paid fast
offeRings on my mission thus far due to how complicated it is in japan
and we just have been failing to get the branch president to help us.
but last monday we paid them! on the way to the post office to send
them in it was raining so hard and mighty thunderings did ring
throughout all the land, but we finished paying our fast offerings and
when we stepped out of the building yEa, the rains did stop and the
thunderings did cease and the sun did break forth out of the clouds
and did shed forth her warmth upon all the earth. and the beauty
thereof was exceedingly great. it was like a message from heaven that
we definitely have been needing to pay our fast offerings. i will for
sure from here on out. however later that day I realized that I had
left my iPad at the post office, and when we went back it was gone.
and i was freaked out because i had a lot of important things on it
that i hadn't backEd up yet.

but the Next day we went to a mission conference and i saw miracles
along the way. first was i got my ipad back! someone had returned it
to the post office after attempting to open it a quite a few Times and
got it disabled for a while. but i got it back so it's all good! at
the mission conference it was so awesome! elder whiting from the area
70 taught tons of great things about receiving revelation through the
spirit, and progressing towarDs becoming a better missionary. my
favorite thing that I learned from the devotional was that, we should
be progressing and making changes to be better all the time, as soon
as we stop progressing and becoming more like christ, satan wins. also
he tAught if you want to see miracles first you have to get out of the
boat. these things have been reaffirmed in my mInd time and time
again. the truly amazing thing about this gospel is that it is
centered on christ and us progressing each day to become more and more
like christ. he is truly, as the scriptures say, the way. it is only
through him that we make it back to our father in heaven, so let us
make steps down that path everyday. i love my savior with all of my
heart. so many times on my mission already i have been lifted up and
given more strength than i know would ever be possible without him. in
the language, in the rejection, and in my own feelings of
discouragement. he has rescued me time and time again and i am nothing
but indebted to him. i will declare his word and abide in his love. i
am so greatful for this unbelieveable opportunity to labor with the
Lord in his vineyard. because i've seen how much he loves his
children, and i am amazed beyond belief that he would trust me with
the gathering of his precious sheep. i love my mission, and i love all
of You for your support and love. i hope that your week is すばらしい!and
that each day we can make a step towards christ no matter where we are
on that path.



It snowed in Totorri!
My smile is super crooked because half my face was numb.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week 22 Tottori: Group Stuff

i hope that youR first week of 2017 was a great one! mine sure was!
this wEek we did tons of finding trying to deepen our pool of
investigators. this included hours and hours of housing, stopping
everyone we Passed, and an hour and a half bike ridE deep into the
ceNter of the 田舎. but though it was definitely a trying effort to
press on we did it and we found some awesome new investigators. two of
which came to church which is more investigators this branch has seen
at church at once in a long Time! the members were losing their minds!
they were so good though as they went up for fast and testimony
meeting And bore their testimoNies for these people they had never
met. the spirit was so strong and our investigators Could definitely
feel it. their namEs were iwatake san and fujinawa san. they were so
cool and both saId that they would try to come next week so we are
just So excited!

also this week i learned that in the far reaches of tottori (that
Place that took an hour and a half to bike to) us white americans aRe
only a thing of ledgend. i swear, the people were looking at us like
we were a exOtic creature that was hopelessly lost in their little
village, but little do they know that they are actually the ones who
are lost and we were here to bring them back to the fold. at one point
a Group of seven or so kids saw us and started fReaking out, they ran
out into the strEet and jumped and yelled, "herro" and "hao aah you?"
i turned and waved back at them and they all started cheering! it was
hilariouS! half the time i was a monster the other half i was matt
damon. i love the inaka so much! we finally found our less active that
we went there to visit and he was Sick and couldn't walk. we testified
of the healing power of the atonement and that through faith he could
walk again. he told us that he wasn't worthy of faith and
unfortunately despite our attempts to explain to hIm that no one is
beyond the reach of the redeeming love of the savior he would not
change his mind. we gave him alma 32 to read as a commitment then made
the long jOurney home. it was an interesting week for sure. but look
forward to the many more that we will have this year in dedicated
service to our lord. i hope that you all have the bestest of weeks
this Next week. i love you all so much!
mata ne!

elder allred

My companion sat on a camel on p-day
We took senior pics down at the Inaka

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Week 21 Tottori: I've Got a Goal to Set More Goals

i can't believe that it is already 2017! that is so nuts! the weeks are flying by, i can hardly keep up with what day it is. like really, me and my companion went to bed saturday nIght and then woke up and went to church in the morning and we didn't even realize that it was new years until the ward memBers started coming up to us and saying "happi nu yia" in broken english! but it was a great day to start off the new year indeed. we made pizza (or as clOse as japan can get to pizza) at a members house and taught a very powerful lesson about setting goals and the book of mormon. before the mission i hated setting goals. i felt like writing down goals just stressed me out and that i could just manage everything that i wanted to do in my head. bUt since coming out on a mission i have realized how truly valuable goals are. in pmg it says, "i am so thoroughly convinced that if we don’t set Goals in our life and learn how to master the tecHniques of living to reach our goals, we can reach a ripe old age and look back on our life only to see that we reached buT a small part of our full potential. when one learns to master the principles of setting a goal, he will then be able to make a great difference in the results he attains in this life." man i wish that i would have understood how useful goals really are before my mission! i could've leArned so much more in school and aCcomplished so much more in my personal passions. set goaLs and love them! i know that as we set goals, especially goals of spirituAlity and of doing the work of christ, we will see impRovement and progression beyond what we thought was possIble. we will make a greater difference in the strength of the spirit in our own lives and we will become a much brighter example and tool in the hands of our lord. i love you all so very much and i hope that this year becomes the New best year of your livEs! leT us all press on in the work of the lord!

elder allred

here are the fun things that have happened this week!

Harvesting mushrooms for a less active member.
Dinner at the Ogawa's house
The largest POND in Japan