Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 48 Sumoto: A Good Week in Deed

hello, how are you?
i am fine, this week was all over the Place! we had a few really great potentials that we found last week that we were Able to visit again unfortunatelY all of them told us that theY weren't interested right now. i was a little down returning to the appartment that night and just was feeling like i wasn't dOing enough, i prayed that night and felt comforted by the feeling that the lord knew what he was doing and jUst wanted us to keep working hard a being obedient. the next day, yesterday, at church we got called by a man that had approached us the other week who we had invited to church, and he told us that he was coming. he came and we had a an amazing spirit filled lesson with him wheRe we taught the plan of salvation. he expressed that he was feeling great happiness and wanted to follow jesus christ. we invited him to be baptized and he now has a date for september 2nd. iT was so amazIng and taught me some very important lessons. sometimes as missionaries we need a reminder that there is a god working 100% of the time backing us up and shaping us into the people That He knows we have the potential to become. he knows each of us and he knows exactly how he is going to use us to refine ourselves and all those with whom we serve. i love being a missionary and can't explain the joy that it fills me with.  i know that the lord is at the head of this work. i know that he hears prayers and knows each of us indIvidually and personally. i am so grateful for the opportunity and blessing that it is to serve here on awaji island. i love this area so much and have Never felt as much charity as i feel right now towards  these people with whom i am serving, and also towards my savior. it was a Great week and i am looking forward to the next one. i hope that you all have a great week! love you!

elder allred

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