Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 32 Marugame: Almost Miracle

another gReat week spent as a laborer in the lord's vinEyard!
this week has been quite a crAzy week, full of ups and Downs and all
sorts of things. but something really funnY that happened was when we
went and visited a couple recent cOnverts who have been falling away
and second guessing their commitment they made at baptism. it has
gotten to the point where they are wanting their names removed from
the chUrch. they have been feeling ashamed of some mistakes that they
have made Regarding the word of wiSdom so they just don't fEel worthy
to be members of the church. so lately we have been just trying so
hard to help them feel the love and support from the branch and we
have been hoping that we can heLp them realize that they are not
expected to be perFect, but just to try their best. so we were out at
their apartment trying to visit them but before we knocked we stopped
and prayed for a miracle. then we went and knocked but they Were not
answering the door so we felt like we should leave and come back in
about 10 minutes. we left and came back and tried again this time
someone answered the door, it was their roommate. he opened the door
and told us that they had not yet returned home. but then right at
that moment a van pulled into the driveway and their roommate looked
and said oh wait that's them. we were so Happy that we decided to waIt
and come back, it was the miracle that we were looking for, now we can
finalLy talk to all of them all together and welcome them back to the
church. this is what we wERe thinking as we hustled out to meet them
as they got out of their van, but as soon as we turned the corner out
into the parking arEA the van stopped. we waveD at them and suddenly
the van screeched out back onto the road and tore off down the street.
me and elder anderson stood there for a second in the now empty
parking lot and just trIed to process what happened. it turns out that
it wasN't quite the miracle that we thought, but that's just how it
Goes sometimes. we were actually able to meet them a little later in
the week with some members and have a good talk with them helping them
know that this gospel was not made for people who are perfect and
never make any mistakes in THEir live. this church is for people who
are imperfect and want to be better and can be better through the
atoning blood of jesuS Christ. he said that he will tRy to make it to
church next week and that he will do his best. i truly love the way
that this gospel works. it truly does work to heal broken hearts and
broken people through christ. i am so grateful for my savior and his
love and the fact that even though i have weaknesses and make mIstakes
daily i can come unto christ and be strengthened in his love. i am so
grateful for the blessing it is to share that love and be able to
witness the joy that it brings to others. this gosPel is the Truest
thing on earth and i love it! thank you all so much for supporting me
in spreading it. i love you all so mUch! i hope that you all have a
gReat wEek! See ya next week,


P-Day Hike
Representing the "Kobe" Japan Mission with my proselyting bag

Our District

Week 31 Marugame: Scripture Power

hey everyone, it is p-day again already!
this week we had to travel to matsuyama for zone training meeting
which was awesome, then we travelled from there to niihama so that we
could do a companion exchange with the district leader. i got to
koukan with Hill chōrō and it was so great! we were stopping everyone
left and rIght teaching lessons, and he was Such a powerful teacher.
he talked to me about the importance of teaching with the book of
mormon and how the book of mormon is our greateSt tool in teacHing the
restoration of the gospel. it was so amazing and then the next day
once we had gotten back to marugame i had a grEat experience teaching
with the book of mormon. we were tEaching one of our investigators
juner miller and he was sounding like he was trying to drop us. he was
telling us how he is catholic and we are mormon so he can't join our
church. we felt Prompted to use the book of mormon so we talked about
how he believes the bible to be the word of god and we asked him, as
he has been reading the book of mormon if he has felt that it is the
word of god too. after sharing 2 nephi 29:7-9 and talking about how
the book of mormon is a witness of god and his love for all of his
children both in jerusalem and in other parts of the world his
attitude completely changed. the next time we asked him if he believed
the book of mormon to be the word of god he answered confidently "yes"
we then went on to explain how then joseph smith was a prophet of god
and the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is the restored
gospel of jesus christ himself, and that the book of mormon is proof
of all of that. by the end of the lesson he was thanKing us for
helping him understand, and he was telling us that he believed what we
taught. he also told us that he was going to read the book of mormoN
and pray daily. it was an incredible lessOn that was completely
brought about by the book of mormon. i love the book of mormon so
much! like honestly i have never been so big a fan of reading than i
have on my mission and the only book i have to read is the book of
mormon. i could read it over and over again and never tire of the
spirit and poWer that i receive and feel so powerfully while reading
that inspired book. i say it all the time but i love this gospel so
much. christ and his gospel is the only way to true and lasting
eternal Happiness and i feel it everyday as i testIfy of it. i promise
that as we study the book of mormon daily and really try to ponder its
teachings and how they apply in our lives that we will find that our
lives have more direction and joy that we have ever felt before. you
all rock! i love you all so much and hope that you have a beautiful
book of Mormon power filled week!

Elder Allred

I am a Samaria!
Our friendly hitchhiker that we picked up
Me and Jheff just happen to own the same tie
Us at the slide park we went to last p-day

Zone Training Meeting

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 30 Marugame: Baptism!

this week was fulL of spiritual highs and gospel goodness, but the
highlight Of the week waS definitely kahori shimai's baptism. shE is
one of the Sister missionaries investigators who just got baptized
this saturdaY. it was amazing and the spirit was so strOng. the
baptismal service was such a testimony of what our pUrpose is as a
missionary. seeing how happy she was and how stRong her testimony had
become was so inspiring and made me so happy. that is really what it
is all about, helping other children of god find the joy and peace
that comes from following christ and Living his gospel. also two of
our investigators were there as well and they too had great
experiences. it was fujiwara shimai and jesus kyoudai. they are so
close to having theIr own baptismal service very soon.

this week was just so happy and Full of power and the spirit. i love
this gospEl and the lives that are changed because of it. i am
especially grateful for how it has changed my life. i am often so
amazed when me and my companion have had an awFul day of rejections
and rain and cold and disappointments, and it just seems like the
whole world is against us but somehow at the end of the day we are
still just the happiest people in the world. but that is how this
gospel works because of christ's atOnement and the covenant that we
have made with him, we can feel that holy spiRit and be filled with
joy and love even in the face of any trial. i love this gospel with
all my heart and i am so grateful for this opportunity i have to
declare it and testify of my savior every single day. i am filled with
joy as i teaCh tHis amazing message. being a missionaRy Is the
beStesT! like always i am so grateful for all of your love and
support. i love all of you guys so much! thank you so much!


P-day at the park!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week 29 Marugame: Painting Testimonies

konnichiwa my friends,
this week has been Another great week in marugame! our investigator
jesus [hey soos] is doing amazing! this last sunday we had an amazing
leSson with him. we were talKing about him and his efforts to receive
an answer to his prayers, And he basically taught himself, or actually
Now that i think about it, it was probably the spirit teaching him!
ah, i love it! he tolD us how he knows that he needs to just keep
praYing because Even though he doesn't feel like he has received an
answer yet, if he stopS now then there's no way that He will get an
answer. he was like the picture perfect investigator. we next went to
moroni 10:3-5 and broke down every element of the scripturAl promise
and he just ate that stuff up. he is such a smart guy and enjoys
discovering the very deeper meaning to things given that he is an
artist. and then actuaLly after we broke down the scripture he
compared his experiences in finding an answer to his prayers to
painting a picture. we then testified to him that the Lord knows
exactly what his potential is and as long as he continues to allow the
lord to guide his search in discovering the answer to his prayeRs then
someday he will step back and be able to seE that the lord had been
painting him into a masterpiece. it was awesome, it was like we were
all in a mormon message playing out the picture perfeCt lesson. he is
progressing so wEll and i would not be surprised at all if very soon
he calls us and tells us that he is ready to be baptized. i am so
excited! great things are happening here and i love it! i love this
work so much. seeing the gospel of christ change people's hearts and
attItudes is the greatest thing in the world. thank you so much for
all of your loVe and support! i love you all so much!
bEing a missionary rocks!


This is a beautiful picture that our friend Jheff drew for me and
Anderson Chorro. Those are our names in Tagalog. It is way cool!

Us with Jheff 

Week 28 Marugame: Marugame Magic

konnichiwa minasan,
sunday this last week was so awesome! we showed up to church and
randomly a mom and dad and son showed up that we had never seen
before! they came in and sat down and i sat next to them. they were
not members but had attended a sacrament meeting in anotHer city and
really liked it so they found ours which is nEar their house. the dad
speaks way good english and told me hoW he went to high school in a
buddhist school and didn't believe what was being taught so he was
looking for Another religion and he said he likes mormonS the best. it
was a whole family of kinjins! i can hardly Believe it. i spoke with
them for a while and gave the dad a book of moRmon and explained what
it was. he said that he was really excited tO read it and they said
that they would come next weeK. i still can't bElieve it.
unfortunately i can't remember their Names but wow, they are just

we had a broadcaSted devotional where elder holland came and spOke to
all of the members in japan. it was unbelievable! he was speaking with
so much passion about the atonement of jesus christ and how it can
heal us when we are broken. but then he talked about hoW the greatest
sacrifice that we can make for the savior is that of a broken heart
and a contrite spirit. he talked about how sometimes life brEaks us
and can make us feel like there is no hope and that we might never be
happy again. he said that during those times, that is when faith
really matters. he talked about how anyone Can hold the tiller of the
boAt when the seas are calm, but when life is pulling you dowN on all
sides that is when we need that faith. and we might feel broken, but
when we turn to god with that broken heart and Beg him for his help
admitting to him that we cannot do this on our own that is when the
power of the atonement will kick in and hEal us in a way that brings
us so much closer unto christ. as i was listening to him speak about
these things i was reminded of my mtc experience and how utterly
overwHelmed and broken i was. i realized now what that experience has
done for me. i was begging god every night to save me from my feElings
of inadequacy and i believe that because i was cut down and broken so
completely i was truly able to more fully sink my roots in the rock of
christ and then to grow from that stronger and happier and with more
understanding than i have ever been or hAd. i truly love my savior. i
love him for loving me enough to cut me down, for caring for me enough
to hurt me. and i know that i still will have many times to come when
my faith wilL be tried again and i will be broken down again, but i
look forward to the growth that will spring out of those trials and
the strength and increased closeness to christ that i will obtain be
relying more fully upon his atonement. i love this gospel with all of
my soul. i am so happy that i am here in japan declaring the love of
god and sharing my tEstimony every Day. it truly is wonderful and i
cannot be grateful enough. i love you all so much for loving and
supporting me in my privilege to be a missionary in the restoration of
the true church of christ. he lives, and how sweet the joy that
sentence gives. i hope that you all have an amazing week. i love you
all so much!


Me and Anderson Chōrō

Here is our beautiful Marugame church building