Monday, October 30, 2017

Week 63 Sennan: ハロウィンパーティー

ハピハロウィン!(happy halloween) this week haS flown by and we were able to have some great experiences along the way. This week we had the ward halloween paRty and man, it was a blast. we were able to get around 50 kids there with about 80 people in total. it was crazy. mE and elder wieland came decked out in our costumes dressed up as disco rollerskaters. we also had a piñata and we got to hold it! it was super inteNse! some of these little kids had some mad baseball skills and they weren't swinginG any toy stick, they had a think wooden rod That tHey were using to hit the piñata and it was our job to make hitting the piñata a challenge as we stood very clearly in their blood circle. it wasn't long before a kid took a good swing and missEd hitting me square iN the chest, and then another older kid reeled up and Smashed my companions hip. we are bOth okay and only came out with Minor contusions and small amounts of internal blEeding. we took it for the lord.

also this week we had another lessOn with fujita and murakami saN where we talked about the book of mormon. it was awesomE how as we testified and taught about the importance of the book of mormon, they started to have a desire to read it morE and more. and when fujita san said that it was hard to understand, murakami san came in and started acting like a member expressing to her that as we just read little by little our understanding with grow and we will be able to feel the power that comes from the book. it was awesome to see one of our inVestigators basically testify to the other one as we taught them both a lesson. they arE definitely progressing quickly and i know that as they begin Reading the book of mormon that theY will understand the truthfulness of this gospel and they will be more willing to follow christ and be baptized int his name. i love the book of mormon so much and i am so grateful that we are blesseD to have it so that we may come to more fully know christ and recognize his voice and know so much about how we can return to his presence and live happily with our families forever. i love this gospel so much and the peace it brings to my heart and mind. thank you all so much for supporting me while i Am out on my mission. i love You all and miss you tons!

elder allred

pictures and videos of the halloween party will come shortly…

Week 62 Sennan: 雨 雨、降れ 降れ

hey guys,
this week was incredibly rainy. it rained every day and then to finish off the week we had a super typhoon. it was epic. i have never seen so much water being dumped from the sky in my life. homes were being evacuated and safe houses were prepared all over town. it was super intense but we are all right. we actually confused a lot of people when we were knocking on their doors and inviting people to church and our english class. everyone was like, "just go home, don't you know there is a typhoon" we would just always say, "yeah, i know right, it is crazy" (as water is literally dumping on our heads) "... so, have you ever been to church before?..."

we were able to see some good things with our investigators too. we had a lesson with the family that we have been teaching and her christian friend and it went pretty good. we were really feeling the spirit really strong as we talked about how christ brings us so much hope in times of trouble. we asked them if they would follow christ and receive of his hope, and the mother said, "no, my family is buddhist i can't become christian." but then her friend came in and talked about how great christ is and encouraged her to keep praying and seeking for truth. it was awesome and then we offered them book of mormons (which they had previously declined) and this time they both accepted them and her christian friend was way excited about it telling us that she was definitely going to read it. we also finally got called by our investigator with a baptismal date shingo kun, after having not been able to contact him all week. he told us that now that his tests are over he will be able to start coming to church again and will start praying and reading the book of mormon. we are excited to meet with him this tuesday. then we also had a member bring a friend to church. we sat next to him and watched the ward primary program together. it was the most adorable, funny, and spiritually powerful thing i have ever seen as all the little kids testified and sang. the man was way touched and he wants to meet and learn more! i love primary programs and member missionary work! they are the absolute best!

well it was a great week and me and elder wieland survived the transfers this last week so we are together for another transfer here in sennan. it is the dream. i love all of you and hope that you have a great week!

elder allred

Ward service project!
One of the members drew me and Elder Wieland into Japanese comic book

Week 61 Sennan: Talent Dendo

hey everyone,
this week was great! we Started out the week with having one of our investigators named shingo kun accept a baptismal date! we are so excited to work with him in preparing for his daTe which is right now december 2nd. then we had A mission conference with one of the area 70 who came to talk to us and decide whether we were ready to start on-line proselyting. we passed! it seems like there is going to be a lot of changes in the mission coming up that will Really change the way we work quite a biT. but the message and the doctrine is still the same perfect gospel of Christ.

he talked to us Of the importance of using our talents to find people to teach aNd to strengthen members so me and elder wieland tried some new things. i brought my japanese flute and started offering to play
songs for people as we streeted and housed. elder wieland drew portraits for people in front of the train station. it was a lot of fun and turned out to be really effectiVe we found a guy named jesse who is from hawaii out herE for woRk. he had a great lesSon with him and he is now reAding the book of mormon and coming to church this
sunday. we have definiTely recognized the lord's hand in placing hIs elect sons and daughters in our path. Our only job is to open our mouth and talk to as many people as we caN each day. i know that there are prepared people out there who are Searching for this truth and need to know Who their savior Is. i love this opportunity That we have eacH day to go out and just talk to People about something i love and my savior jesus christ who i lovE with all my heart. i am sO grateful for this Privilege it is to serve. i Love you all so much. have a fantastic wEek.

elder allred
we had a family reunion the other day at the mission conference. 3
generations of missionaries. (wieland chōrō (my son/trainee), me, and
wheeler chōrō (my dad/trainer))
 Me and Wieland Choro at the Shinto Shrine
We spent P-Day with Shin Chan who is an Eikaiwa (English) student.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 60 Sennan: Coach Allred

this week was incredible! so many crazy things happened, we had an amazing teaR filled lesson with onE of our investigators, i won a ping pong match, we saw some Aliens, we had a booth at a festival, all you can eat sushi, we got a job, and we watched general conference! we were Definitely blessed this week with some great experiences. The job part was especially funny. recently we have been trying to brainstorm different ways to find new people to teach since all of our Housing and streeting has yielded little to no results so far. so we went to the town gym to seE if maybe setting up a sports activity would be effective. we went and asked about the times and cost to rent Out the Basketball gym and the front desk guy suddenly asks us if we have any experience playing basketball. We tOld him yes and next he asKed us if we want a job. we told him that we are vOlunteers but can volunteer there if he needs help. he told us that they have been looking for coaches to teach junior high students how to play basketball at their saturday practices. he had us go up to the gym and try out the court. i miraculously drained a three after having not played basketball since the mtc and he was super impressed. he immediately told us that we had the job and that we would just need to come for an hour on saturdays for this month to help out. we told him that we would do it for Free and he was way happy. so now me and my coMpanion are vOluteering at the gym as basketball coaches. i Really hope that it turns into an opportunity to have Meaningful interactions with others and help them see the light of christ.

also this week we had a fantastic lesson with fujita san one of Our investigators. her little brother's baby passed away this last week and she has beeN really sad. we made her a letter and brought candy and have been trying to lift her up but she is pretty torn. we had an opportunity to teach her last week and felt to teach her the plan of salvation. as we got to the End of the lesson and testified that we will be able to see our loVed ones again, she started to question saying things like why is it so unfair that her little brother's baby will never havE a chance to live through life and choose Right or wrong? we opened up the book of mormon and shared with her moroni 8:10-12 which talks about infants that die before having the opportunitY to choose right or wrong will be saved in the kingdom of god. she started to cry as we read the scripture together and told us how she started to think that there was no god when the baby died, but now felt comforted reading this part from the book of mormon. we testified of the love of god and how we can be with our families again eternally in perfect joy and happiness. the spirit was really strong and we really felt what it means to be the lord's servants comforting his beloveD children and showing them the way home. i know that our father in heaven knows each and every one of us personally and has a plan for us. i know that though sometimes we can't see the big picture, our trials and challenges will be for our good and that if we just hold out faithful to the end we shall be "received into heaven, that thereby [we] may dwell with god in a state of never-ending happiness." (mosiah 2:41) i love this gospel and i am so grateful for the Amazing words of the prophets that we were able to hear this conference weekend. like always thank you so much for all of your love and support. i love you all so much. I hope that You have the week of weeks.


elder allred
P-Day Activities

Conveyor Belt Sushi
Some "Aliens" we found in an abandoned bunker
Recreating an old picture

Elder Weiland was doing free sketches as away to meet people.  This was our sign.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Week 59 Sennan: いいね

man what a week,
it was full of meetings and craziness But was definitely a good week. mE and wieland chōrō have been working hard, but are Still not able to find any new strong investigators. we have however been working with quite a few less actives who have recently started coming bAck to church. they are way cool and their testimony seems to be sparking back to life. one of them got up during fast sunday yesterday and bore aN amazing testimony about how he Couldn't go to sleep the other night because he was Thinking so much about whether the church is true. he prayed and had an incredible experience and has built so much faIth. i was so happy as he bore his testimony. his name is itsuku and he is such a great guy. it has been such a privilege teaching him and being apart oF his conversIon process. the other less active that we are working with loves music, so we started a music activity that he can come to and help out. he seems to really Enjoy it and has been coming to church every week lately. he is going to help us become professional opera singers so that when we come home we can wow all our family and friends. i'm pretty stokeD.

this week we also saw some cool miracles. one of them was while we were working in a place way out in the outskirts of our area. we were trying to vIsit some less actives that lived out there but no body was home. so as we were going place to place wieland chōrō  stops and says, "let's knock oN this house, there is a soccer ball in their front yard so i want to talk to them." we rang the intercom and a woman picked up. we introduced ourselves and she told us that she was busy. we quickly said some things about our Eikaiwa class and put our
flyers in her mailbox. then about 5 minutes later as we were still in that neighborhood a woman Comes running down the street towards us with the flyers in her hand. she ended up being way interested in english class and also possibly in learning about the gospel too. it was way cool that her House was the only one we knocked on as we traveled down that street, and i was so proud of my companion for following his soccer ball pRompting. it has been a great week and hopefully the next one is even better. we are still looking for new Investigators but i feel like we are going to start finding lots of prepared people real soon. i hope that you all have an excellent week and that conference was amazing! i am so excited to watch it next week! i'm getting butterflieS just thinking about iT!

皆さん 郅筏皮い蓼梗

elder allred

We went to Nara Temple on P-day
Looking for those less active
Trainer, Trainee, Training Meeting
Zone Conference

Week 58 Sennan: Principal Lamoni

this week was so fast!
it was full Of all sorts of miracles, hard rejections, and adventures. elder wieland and i found a family that we had an oPportunity to teach this last week, and it went so well. we taught about the importance of following christ and the mother was so into it. she said that the gospel life was exactly what she wanted for her kids and her family and felt like she wanted to find a way to pay it back to christ for doing what he did for us. we talked about how we pay it back to christ when we listen to his teachings, learn of him and then follow his path. the lEsson went way good and she even told us that she thinks that she want to become a mormon! they are pretty much the most golden family ever. we are so excited to work more with them and their awesome kids more in the future and help them follow christ be being baptized and keeping his commandmeNts.

also this week we decided to be a little more bold. so we went to the local high schools and set up appointments with the principles where we could offer volunteer work as well as our free english class as a
tutoring program for the school. as we sat in one of the principle's office it was so intense. this guY was like the typical stereotype scary high school principle who wOuld bring down his wrath on any disobedient student. we had changed into japanese style shoes so that we coUld walk on his ornate flooring and sit on his leather couches across a coffee table that had tea on it that was brought out by his assistant. it was like we weRe big business men sitting down to make a big corporate deal with the big Man himself. what made it even crazier is that i was talking to this guy in japanese, looking at that situation in retrospect i can't even believe that about a year ago i wasn't even able to fully say what my name is in japanese withOut messing up, and now here i am. it was like we were ammon standing before king lamoni offering to be his servants by teaching his people free english. i was so ready to make this school the best english speaking school in japan. and then when he asked where we are so that he can thank us for this great accomplishment we woUld be out in the  parking lot polishing his car. but alas, in then end he thanked us for our willingness to serve and told us that he would give us a call and leT us know whether or not they could use our Help. nothing too crazy ended up happening, but we definitely left those meetings feeling bolder and more willing and confident to talk to everyone and anyone
about who we are and who we represent. i know that when we open our mouths to share the gospel or to serve and strengthen others and invite them to come unto christ that he will be right there to back us up. i have felt his prescence so close since becoming a missionary, it is truly incredible. i am so happy to be a missionary and servant of god.

i love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

elder allred

We had an interesting activity with one of the members and ended up looking like this...
We went to the Beach to play frisbee last P-day and it was beautiful!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Week 57 Sennan: Don't Ride Bikes During a Typhoon!

good evening y'all,
it was another fantastic week As a missionary in japan. man was it busy. i have successfuLly had more Meal appointments with members since i have been in this Area than i have everywhere else in my mission combined. the members here are amazing to the missionaries! it has been so great getting to know each of them and being able to create relationships of trust so that we can work together in sharing the gospel to the people of this area. we have already seen some great success in working with these members since one of them invited some FrIends to our english class and they came and had a great time, and after talking with them afterwards they decided that they would like to start taking the missionary lessons. we met with them once last week and had a Very great appointment. we are going to be meeting again this next week and we are Excited to see what happens.

also This Weekend we had another typhoon! all week people we talked to on the streets and members were warning us about it and how dangErous it was going to be, a bunch of people even used it as an excuse to cancel appointments and not come to church. wheN the weekend finally came around, it wasn't even that bad at all. it just lightly rained and was just a little more windy that usual. me and my companion joked abouT how it wasn't dangerous at all. and then as we were riding to an appointment mY companions bike slipped on a metal grate and he went down hard. after recovering from the fall we assessed damage and he was ok, coming away with just some soreness and a small road rash. we restarted our ride and then about 5 minutes later while we were Still talking about how careful we need to be riding our bikes, i suddenly hit a pole sending me off my bike and gIving me the worst stubbed toe of my life. it was super ironic and funny but man it hurt. we are going to make sure that we don't make jokes about the undangerousness of rain next time. we have learned our lesson. it has been a really fun week full of hard work and miracles. we can't wait to see what happens neXt week as we continue to work with members and find those ready to receive the gospel of christ. i love you all and hope that you have a great week!


elder allred

I got to eat at the only Subway in our mission last week! It was fantastic!

Week 56 Sennan: That's My Son!

i found out last monday that i was leaving sumoto. it was super sad to say goodbye to all of the members and Investigators who we made such great relationships with over the last few transfers. sumoto has forever changeD me and has taught me things that i will remember for the rest of my life.

befOre going to my new area i went to the mission home and was able to pick up my new companioN who is fresh out of the mTc! his name is elder wieland and he is incredible! his missionary fire is unreal! he is so fearless and willing to use his japanese as we stop and talk to all the people that we can in our new area that we Know hardly anything about. our new area is called senNan and it is my first ward! we have quite a bit of work ahead of us it seems because we came into the area having pretty much 0 investigators that we are teaching. we made plans tO just get to work and find more people than i have ever found in my whole mission and i believe that we can do it because we have the lord on our side and we are ready to put in Work meet for miracles.

it also turns out that i am the district leader and had my first opportunity to conduct a baptismal intervieW for another one of the companionsHips in our district. it was A really great experience meeting and Talking with someone who was prepared to enter the waters of baptism and convenant with the lord to be faithful until the end. he was such a smart guy and talked about how much hIs life has changed since he started to coMe to know the savior. it was a way cool experience and i can't wait to meet more prepareD people like him as we all work tOgether this transfer.

thIs is definately a transfer of New things and it is going to take a lot of prayer and relying on the lord to be able to accomplish the things we have to accomplish and to fulfill the responsibilities that have been Given. i am excited to see what happens this transfer and what awesome miracles that we will see. 

love you all and hope you have an excellent week!

elder allred

My son...
My son's new bike

Monday, September 4, 2017

Week 55 Sumoto: Baptism!

i Learned so much this week from the Incredible blessing that we had to baptize and confirm shimizu masayuki a member of the church. we didn't know what to expect going into the baptism and we made a lot of little sloppy mistakes setting up the baptismal serVice, but in theEend it turned out to be such A spiritual experience. it was way awesome to see some of the members brought their Friends to the service. me and my companion sang a musical number during the service which was 'i know that my redeemer lives' we sorT of messed up several times but in the End it was really poweRful and a fun and terrifying experience (i'm not a huge fan of singing in front of people, especially in japanese). we went to THE beach to perform the baptisM because there is no font in our little church building. Aftwerwards as we were walking aloNg the beach to get to the bathrooms i was talking with shimizu kyoudai. as i started to explaiN the covenant that he just made and the blessings of the spirit that he will now havE in his life i suddenly felt a huge explosion of the spirit within me. i felt a portion of god's love foR shimizu kyoudai and almost like a message of gratitude from Our heavenly father for bringing one of his beloved lost sheep back to the Fold. it was overpowering and caused tears to flow down my cheeks. he must have had a similar message of love fill his Heart as well because Almost simultaneously he too was overcome with tears and started to exclaim how haPpy he was. i truly know that god loves each and every one of his children so infinitely much and it is my utmost desire to be the means by which he can oPperate through me to bless and rescue the lives of many of his lost sheep. I love being a missionary so very much, and I am so grateful for a loving father in heaveN who granted unto us the miracle of being able to servE as representatives of jesus christ in leading his precious children back to hiS love. love you all So much and hope you have a fantastic week!

elder allred

The newest member of the Sumoto Branch

Week 54 Sumoto: Forever a Missionary

why are weeks so short in sumoto?
it has been another super awesome weeK here on our little island. we have bEen so busy lately days have just been flying by! wE received a challenge from our mission President this week to find 100 new investigators as a mission, and we saw so many miracles in doing it. also we have been teaching our Investigator shimizu kyOudai a bunch lately in preparation for his baptism that, if all goes well, is this saturday. i am way excited for him and this branch experience it this weekeNd. this branch hasn't seen a baptism in about 3 years, so i Really hope that as they see the one this saturday that it boosts their spirits and gets them all excited about missionary work. it really is so amazing to be serving here and working with shimizu. he is so prepared. just last wEek we taught him About tithing for the first time and he was committing to do it before we even got to the promises associated with it. he is just ready to follow christ is what he keeps saying.

also this week we haD zone conference and man It was good. we talked about really seeking to get to know our investigators and Not seeing them as statistics but as people and the children of God they truly are with dreams and hopes And weaknesses aNd hard days anD stresses and things that bring them joy. i really feLt the spirit so strong as the president and zone leaders gave their training. i have been trying extra hard to discover who Our investigators truly are lately and i have had some incredible experiences with the spirit giVing discernment and the scriptures i need to share and the words and questions that i need to say. i have felt a noticeable Increase in love and joy towards them as they come to know how the gospel is really the thing they are missing in their lives. i can really tell that our father iN heaven has a profound love for these his precious children.

it has been inspirinG me to be a better missionary and not just for The time of my mission but forever. i had maybe the greatest personal study of my mission a couple mornings ago where i studied from the story of peter, the apostle of christ, at the time when his “mission" had ended and christ had been resurrected and he and the other apostles didn't know what to do. peter decided to do the tHings that he was comfortable with, the things he did beforE his mission. he went fishing. but the story goes on and is well known that the savior comes and tells them where to cast their nets and they catch many fish. peter then recognizeS that it is Christ and goes out to meet him. christ then asks him gesturing to the fish, "lovest thou me more than these?" peter is asked the question three times to which he responds that of course he loves him. and each time jesus Responds, "feed my sheep" (john 21) peter then realizes that his missIon is not over and he goes on to feed his sheeP, and performs more miracles and Teaches more people than ever. like peter i testify to each of you that i love my savior jesus christ, and i love him more than anything that i have
done or could ever do for myself. and i promise that when i go home i  will not go back to who i Used to be, i will not fall back into my old habits. i am going to change the way that i live and go forward so that i never stop feeding his sheep, never stop inviting people to church and never stop strengthening those who need our savior's love. i promise that i will be a missionary forever. and of course the way i shaRe the gospel may be completely different and there are going to be other things that i will need to focus on and work towards but i will never leave the truth, and i will put the lord first above all Else. there are not words to describe the love i have for this gospel, my heavenly father and my savior. let us all share this love and seek to strengthen it continually, for as people who know of this love we carry the hope that this world so desperately needs. we are the hope of this world, the hope of israel. let's bring the world his truth. Sorry for the long email this week, i got a little carried away. know that i love each of you and hope that you have an incredible week.

elder allred

Zone Conference
There are always strange bugs in our apartment

Monday, August 21, 2017

Week 53 Sumoto: Progressing Investigators, Unprogressing English Students

my family, my friends
what a week iT was this last week. we are still working with our investigator shimizu kyoudai, And he is still on track to be baptized september 2nd. i have Learned a whole lot teaching him. i have truly learned what it means to be a progressing investigator. he has been so willing to change his life so that he can bring himself in harmony with the gospel of christ. he brings it up in every lesson that he is seeing the blessings that have come into his life since meeting with us. i can't wait to see him taKe the step of baptism and to begin to prepare for receiving the priesthood and entering the temple. we have also been seeing many miracles here in sumoto as we try to figure out how We can strengthen this branch. there Is no doubt in my mind that the lord is anxious to bring us to prepared people who are ready to receive The gospel. i Have been filled with so much charitY towards the members of this branch and i desire with everything inside me to see growth here. i have never wanted to work so hard in my life. my heart is cOmpletely engaged in this work. sometimes that makes the dissapointments truly heartbreaking, but in retUrn, seeing the successes of investigators and membeRs fills my heart with such unspeakable joy.

also tHis last week our english class was a huge struggle. i spEnt a solid 30 minutes helping each student leArn the difference between the 'r' sound and the 'l' sound. belieVe it or not that is the same sound in the japanese alphabet and so them hearing the difference between pray and play is pretty much impossible for them. it is crazy, but i really wanted to help them understand the difference that is so clEar to me. i worked really hard and in the end everyoNe could pronounce the words "gross" and "gloss" (which is the same exact word to them) pretty well. well as i was teaching and marveling at how it is so hard for them to make the difference in sounds in 'r' and 'L' they helped me understand that foreigners like me make the same mistake with their ら and だ and other tones that theY have to make different words. so i learned a valuable lesson in judging not the mote that is in my brothers eye and considering not the beam that is in my own. after class i was Feeling pretty good about myself After having helped them all understand 'r' and 'l' and improving their pronunciation when one of The students came up to me and said, "i am not progressing my english. my progress depends on you." ouch. i get it. i am a lousy english teacher. i guess spending a Half hour on pronunciation was not what they wantEd to do that day. man, teaching english is so hard. well i love you guys, hope you have a gReat week!

elder allred

My new bike. It's all red. Just like me.

My companion cut this out of black sticker paper for me this week!

Week 52 Sumoto: Many Miracles

this week we were blessed with being able to find several new strong potential investigators who we are looking forward to teachinG again in coming weeks. we even had a man that we hadn't ever met walk in and listen to sacrament meeting and stay aftwerwards to hear a lesson. we talked about what it means tO take the sacrament each week and the importance of baptism. he seemed really interested and told us that he will come again. also we housed an apartment that we have been housing around many many times and we always feel like it's not time to house that particular one, but we finally did it this last week and we met a man from vietnam who had just moved there two weeks ago. he opened the door and invited us in to come teach us in his livingroom (that's the first time that that has happened on my mission). we taught him about god and he said that he waS interested in having us come over again. we also had a new person show up to our English class who found us online. we talked to him after class and set up a private lesson with him the next day where we would do 30 minutes pRivate english and 30 minutes talking about the gospel of christ. we met and after english he started the lesson telling us that he believed god was just something made up with the imaginations of man, he finished the lesson praying to god and thanking him for his influence which he recognised in his life. he also asked god to help him as he comes to know whether he exists or not. it was a great lesson filled with the spirit. he told us how he felt really happy after our lesson and was excited to meet next week. i haVe been just so humbled lately at how merciful and kind the lord is as we labor together Establishing his kingdom. i can't wait to see where this all goes. i love my mission so much!

this week was a week of miracles. over and over i saw the hand of the lord touching this work. So many prayers were answered and i have just been so inspired by the love that i have felt from Our heavenly father this week. i desire to serve him so much more diligently to show my appreciation and dedication to him and to show hiM that i will not grow idlE because of the great blessings of the lord but will instead work twice as hard knowing that only through obedience to him will we qualify to have his spirit so that it may touch the hearts and inspire the minds of the peOple that we meet and have beeN blessed to be able to teach. i love my Savior with all of my heart and will follow him forever. i love you all and hopE you have a fantastic week.

elder allred

I got surprised by the zone leaders and my companion with a cake on
exchanges this week. Man, they are so awesome!

Week 51 Sumoto: Awaji Beef (even better than Kobe Beef)

it was a good week. i learned a lot of really good things. i was able to go on a koukan (companion exchange) with Hoopes choro in kakogawa. he is A way good missionary. he really had a lot of faith and desire to work hard and share his testimony. we set goals to give out a book of mormon and find a new inVestigator and worked hard all day, but still hadn't had any luck. we housed and housed come night time and it seemed like Everyone was rejecting us. but then the very last house the very last door we housed before going back to the apartment at 9:00 a college Aged man opened the door. we testified as best as we could of the power and truthfulness of the book of mormon and he accepted the Copy and was interested in meeting again. we set up the return appointment for a couple days later and he seemed like he had great potential to become a new investigator. it was such a miracle that was so great to experience with hoopes choro who had only been out in japAn for about a week and a half at that point. i love the lord so much!

as for investigators this week our investigator shimizu kyoudai is progressing great still. he came to church again this Last week and was able to meet the branch president. he is really starting to deveLop great friendships with the members of the branch and even asked if i would baptize him when he reaches his date. it fills me wIth joy to see his desire to learn and change his life to follow christ. great thiNgs are happening in sumoto. man i love this area! love you guys! have a Great week!

elder allred

we went with a member and shimizu san (far right) 
to a yakiniku restaurant and ate some way expensive beef. 
it was the most delicious meat that has ever registered my taste buds.

A member had us put on her Japanese Kimonos at a district meeting

Also this...