Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 47 Sumoto: Good Stuff

this week was so great! we had a conference with smoot kaicho to get to know him and receive training. it was so fantastic, he is going to to be such a great mission president.

this week also we taught our investigator emi san. we started reading the book of mormon together starting from the titLe page with some members. the spIrit was felt Very strong as we rEad and then one of the members started to choke up and beAr her testimony of the truthfuLness of the book of mormon. it was so good! and emi san was definItely feeling it. we finished reading and testiFied, and she told us that she has been praying and reading on her own now! it is so great! missionaries have bEen meeting with her for so long and she is just now finally starting to act. that is the power of the book of mormon. i love THAT book so much. it truly has become my favorite book. before my mission i couldn't have said that, but now having felt the power time and tIme again that comeS from reading, and having grown to loVe each and every amazing mIssionary that is written about in that incredible book it has now tRuly become my favoriTe book. i literally get bUtterflies when i Open it up. i would read it all day and into the night if i coUld. and no matter how many times i read it i always learn something new. lately i have been reading it in japanese and even then i am learning tonS! i just finished jacob and As i finished jacob chapter five there were tears in my eyes. whether it's in eNglish or a language that i still Don't fully understand the Power is the same and the language of the spirit is the same. if you haven't read it yet, read it! it will change yoUr life. it has changed mine. then continue to Read it Each day. man it is awesome! i love this work. i love all of you! have a fantastic week full of reading the book of mormon!

elder allred

Meeting President Smoot Conference

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