Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 49 Sumoto: Just Dendoing

whoa, it's p-day!
man, the weeks have been flying By. it was another great week of dendo. we were able to go visit that person that we committed to baptism during the week and teach him again. shimizu san is progressing so fast. we went over planning on talking about the gospel of christ, but changed it to word of wisdom because he kept telling us how much he loves coffee. he seemed a little sad about the commandment at first but then was like, well I guess I'm going to have to switch my favorite drink to something else. it was awesome! he also spoke to his friend about us and about his no drinking coffee and his friend now wants to switch from coffEe too! it is so crazy! also shimizu san came to church again this week and met a lot of the members. they got to know each other really fast and it was great. he said that next week he is going to invite his friend to church. man, meeting him has just been such a miracle.

also this week we were able to go on an exchange with the zone leaders. it was way good. i learned a ton about finding effectively and making my contacts more interesting. we also tried a bunch of different new ways of dendo. my favorite is when we go to the mall and find the bencH that is right outside of all of the clothing stores and there are just a bunch of super bored middle aged men waiting for their wives as they are shopping. it is way easy to get a conversation going because all i have tO do is say "man, japan is hot!" and then everyone is asking me where i am from and what i am doing in japan. it's super fun to meet so many different people, but my heart is constantly aching for them to accept the gospel. if they could only uNderstand how much of a difference it would make in their life, and if they could only taste of the joy and peace that is just right in front of them. man, somEtimes it just drives me nuts, but i guesS that we just need to keep Trying our best and be worthy so that when we do meet a prepared person, they will recognize the voice of the good shepherd and will follow him. 

elder allred

We asked this guy to take a picture of us, and then we taught him the gospel.
It's getting really hot!!

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