Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 45 Sumoto: Rainy Season!

rainy season has started and it is intense. it is a constant battle of whether i want to wear a raincoat so i don't get wet buT cook alive due to the heat, or keep my raincoat off so my body is successfully able to maintain the correct homeostatic temperature but get drencHed head to toE. the struggle is reaL. but rain nor snow nor swarms Of fiery flying serpents can withhold the gospel from going foRth and sounding in every ear and penetrating every buddhist home from one siDe of this iSland to the other.

me and satou chōrō have been working reaLly hard and have seen sOme great miracles these last couple days, things like inVestigators from long ago approaching us and tElling us that they want to start taking the lessons agaIn, and feelings that we Should follow a group of college students until they stop in front of their apartment so that we can teach them and ending up giving all of them a book of mormon and agreeing to meet again, and random phone calls to People who haven't been contacted in 4 years inviting them to church and they End up showing up with two other friends as ReFerrals who have a really good experience during sacramEnt meeting and deCide that they want to come some more. iT has been so amazing to see how the lord is truly in charge of this work and how as we learn how to better trust and rely on him and give him as much as we can that he will make up the difference. i know that he is personally aware of each and every one of us, and wants to help us. i know that as we reach out in prayer to him and allow him to take control and turn us into the people who he knows that we have the potential to become by following his son, and keeping his commandments, and seeking spiritual guidance that we will be blessed above what we can comprehend and that he will perform miracles in our life. i love the Joy. it doesn't even make sense why i am this happy. it is awesome! well i love yOu all and hope that Yourweek rocks.

elder allred

The three college kids we followed and gave Book of Mormons to

This is a picture of our apartment

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