Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 37 Marugame: よし!

hello everyone,
it has been yet another week as a fulL time servant of the lOrd. this week was definitely a fun one which started with an intense game of monopoly last pday with jheff and my companion. the business deals
were way intense and the logical falicies were flying left and right but in the end after a 3 hour game of enterprise, eVen though I had a major business agrEement fall through wiTh my companion which led to
him merging companies with jHeff and combining against me, i landed the big break when They both landed on my $1100 Hotel. and the industry victory was mine! but feelings were pretty hard and i'm not going to lie pride was a little bit of an issue for me as i prOved to everyone that i was the monopoly master, so it might be a good idea if we don't play that again. hahaha.

this week we also went to a filipino feast! it was way crazy but so fUn! there was just a big table with tons of pork and rice and shriMp and squid and fish and lots of othEr things that I didn't know what
they were and we prayed and then just very literally dug in. no forks no knifes no noThing, by means of bare Hands and fingers we shovelEd that food right into our mouths and it was Nuts! the food was way delicious but there were a couple of Filipinas who were totally trying to hit on us the whole timE and it was way awkward bEcause of coure our only resonse to attempts of flirting is with how much we love being a missionary where our only focus is the gospel and how much we love christ. but it was way gooD because we ended up before leaving giving everybody there pass along cards and inviting them to learn More. there are so manY filipinos here in marugame that i bet that we could get a filipino branch started here if we focused it right. well the work is progressing and my love of god and my Savior is only increasing. i can't express how much i love this gospel. it explodes within me as we teacH and serve. sacrifice yourself for god. love one another. and rEad the book of mormon and pray daily. the church is true! let's sharE it with the world! i love you all so much! i hope your week is stuPendous.

elder allred
We Actually Finished a Game of Monopoly
Our Filipino Feast
We made burgers again. We did it right this time!

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