Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 34 Marugame: The Gospel Rocks!

my family, my friends, お元気ですか?
this last week was full of all sorts of fun stuff! we Have been
meeting with that investigator which i talked abOut last time and she
is doing way good. she has been pretty much glowing with the spirit
the last couple times that we have taught her. and something really
awesome that she said the other day was that she was sad because she
feels like she is at a spiritual standstill and she can't figure out
why. we talked to her about how that is because she has arrived at the
Next step in her prOgression which is baptism. she is totally wanting
to be baptized but she is just struggling to overcome smoking. but
each time we meet with her her desire to follow the savior increases
and her problems with facing her addiction decreases. it is incRedible
the change and the pattern that follows that true and lasting
conversion. as we learn more and more about The lord jesus christ and
our faith in Him increases little by little, the temptations of the
adversarY have lesser and lesser power over us and we are empowered
and strengthened more and more by the infinite power of christ's
atonement. and it is all because of that principle of where your
Foundation is built. it is helaman 5:12 and i think it is that verse
that explains the powerful And lasting change that takes place in a
person who is Truly converted to the gospel of christ. and it makes
perfect sense because if you go back one verse before that we see that
as we focus more on christ and as we trust more in christ we are
actually leaving our sins beHind and starting a new lifE founded on
chRist and built upon christ.

the gospel is so cool and i love it so much! like no joke, every
morning while we Are studying the book of mormon i aNnoy my companion
probably so much because the whole time we are studying i am just
finding so many things that i haD never realized before thaT i am
constantly wHooping and wowing and blowing mY mind with hidden
symbolism and deeper meanings to stories and scriptures that i have
read so many times in my life. i truly love the book of Mormon. im not
going to lie before my mission i would say it more as a jOke, but now
i can honestly say that the book of mormon is my favorite book. i feel
a power as i read it that is indescribable. the impact that my morning
study of that book has on the rest of my day is profound. as a
missionary I would use the word exhort and say That I would exhort all
of you if you are not already doing so to make time each day to
prayerfully study that inspired book. it is the word of god and i can
promise you that the effect that doing so will Have on your life will
fill your life and soul with immeasurable amounts of joy. they may not
be immediate but i promise that they will come. and that is a
missionary promise. so go and do and watch as the lord does wonders in
your life Even as i have seen done in mine. i love you all so much!
and i hope foR the best of weeks for all of y'all!

elder allred

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