Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 35 Marugame: ごちそうさまでした

general conference wAs most definitely a feast! i have never been so
empowered and uplifted by a general conference in these my many years
as a Creature on this earth. and what made it even better is that we
were able to have our investigator jesus chaparro come to all 10 hours
of general Conference! it was insanE! i think that my first time I sat
through all 10 hours of general conference was in the mtc. and here he
is as an investigator Powering through to the end like a champion! he
didn't even fall asleep once! i am so proud of him words can't even
describe! we talked with him afterwards and discussed how he felt
during it all and he talked about feeling Tingling in his heart and
all over several times throughout the conference and also that it was
cool how sometimes he would have talks touch him in ways where he
would learn things that weren't even the things that were technically
being said at the time. why is he not baptized!? i am literally so
amazed by Him. we are planning to really help him accept the call to
baptism at our next appoIntment which will be this wednesday. i am so
excited! he has truly taught me what it means to teach by the Spirit.
i can't even tell you how many times we have been teaching him and
scriptures will pop into me and my companion's mind and we will go to
them before we are even sure if they relate to what we are teaching,
and then it is the very exact thing that he needed to hear, or it is
the perfect answer to a question that he had just had. this gospel is
so real and the spirit is So powerful that it is unbelieveable.
actually it is not unbelieveable it is 100% believeable and that is
what we are trying to show each and every person that we teach. this
gospel is perfect and it is orgAnized and directed by a perfect being
even jesus christ. and the book of mormon is so true, and the prophet
joseph smith was so divinely Chosen, and the savior jesus christ and
his teachings aRe so amazing that it makes this gospel unImaginably
believeable. and i am grateful with all of my heart for the blessing
and miracle that it has been in my life to have the knowledge and
testimony that i do of this restored gospel of my savior jesus christ.
i love him with all oF my heart and desIre above all else to serve and
follow him. i know that he lives and that this path is the only path
to everlasting joy and happiness. the Church is true. i am so grateful
for all of you and love and miss you all so much.
have a great Easter week!

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