Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 36 Marugame: Sakura! ๐ŸŒธ

my beloved friends and family,
this week was suPer nuts! we it was definitely all over the place, but
the foR sure highlight of the week was that our Investigator jesus
accepted the commItment to be baptized!!! it was way awesome! we have
been having the coolest experiences learning with him as we have gone
through the discussions and we have found some of the coolest things
and felt some of the strongest spiritual coNfirmations as we have
shared sCriptures with him from the book of mormon. it has been so
cool he will say something or ask a question and time and time again
the perfect scripture to share will come to our mind sometimes even
before we really know if the scripture rEally relates and every time
without fail it has been the perfect passage to answer his question or
ease his concern. it has been amazing seeing the spirit truly teach
through us as we have taught him. but this week during our lesson we
asked him straight up if he believes that the book of mormon is the
word of god. and he thought about it for a minute and finally answered
with a smile on his face saying that he feels like he truly does
believe. so then after taking him through the domino effect of faith
in the book of mormon he told us that he believes that joseph smith
was a prOphet and that this is truly christ's restored church on the
earth. and so we arrived at the epitome of the moment that every
missionary prays for every day to have with an investigator, so with
the spirit exploding within us we looked him in the eye and invited
him to follow christ and be baptized. i am so excited for him i can't
even explain i can't wait for his baptism. it was truly an incredible
experience. me and elder anderson pretty much Floated home. it is so
good, man i love this gospel so much!

also this sunday, like we couldn't be Proud of our investigator jesus
enough, he brought a friend to church! we got to teach him the
restoration with jesus and it just turned into an awesome experience
where we were teaching and jesus' friend, katsuhiro san, was asking
questions and jheff was testifying, and jesus was expounding and
relating the doctrine to him and it was just this sweet lesson of
awesomeness. in the end katsuhiro san seemed dEcently interested in
learning more and promised us that he would come back to church
another week. it was definitely an incredible easter sunday and I am
so grateful that because of our savior jesus christ we have hope for a
world At the right hand of God crowned with righteousness and
blessings and happiness from on high, and we have power to overcome
every trial and temptation that could ever be put in our path. and my
heart is full of joy because he lived, died, and lives again so that
we too Can live again and receive eternal happiness and life. i know
that my redeemer lives! i hope that all of you had or are now having
an amazing Easter sabbath. i love you all and hope that you have the
week to end all weeks.


The Church is True!!
Happy Easter!
That sign says "Stop, you are not permitted to drive your car here"

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