Saturday, May 6, 2017

Week 38 Marugame: Red Shirt Exchange

shimai kyoudai konnichiwa,
this week we had a companion exchange where we went to our district leader's area and i was able to dendo with him. at the beginning of the exchange we were making goaLs for what we would accomplish and we wanted to get really specific. so we decided that we were going to give out 2 book of mormons and find 2 new investigators and then we thought about what the new investigator might look like and we decided that we were going to make extra efforts to stop everyone wEaring a read shirt who was in between the ages of 16-30. right afTer we finished setting the goals i felt really strong that we were going to be able to reach our goals that day. i was so happy and the weather was so nice and we just went right out and started streeting and we were stopping everyone. we had given out a book of mormon (which is waY hard in japan) but had still had no luck with finding a new investigator and then we saw him. a 17 year Old wearing a red shirt. we stopped him and talked to him, turns out he already had a book of mormon and after teaching him a little more from it he became a new investigator. it was way awesome! then after we jUst went right on stopping everyone that we could find, and then while we were riding our bikes to go tRy to find some good housing, hill chōrō (my district leader) stopped suddenly and said that he didn't feel like we were going the right way so we turned around and started Housing at a place in the oppositE direction. not long after we started we met this guy from taiwan named setsu. he turned out to be pretty interested in the gospel and Agreed to meet again and wanted a book of mormon and
became a new investigator. it was so cool! we were able to meet all of ouR goals for The exchange and I am so happy that elder hill is as in tune with the spirit as he is. i learned a lot about faith and following the spirit from this experience and am so excited to staRt finding with the faith and trust in the spirit that hill chōrō doEs so
well. it was also one of the funnest days of missionary work that i have had so far on the mission. the Joy that comes from this wOrk is amazIng! i love you all and am so Crazy gratEful for you!

elder allred
We were blessed from on high to partake of delicious tacos while on the companion exchange! (Mexican food does not exist in Japan. It’s nuts!)

Hiking with Jheff

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