Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 31 Marugame: Scripture Power

hey everyone, it is p-day again already!
this week we had to travel to matsuyama for zone training meeting
which was awesome, then we travelled from there to niihama so that we
could do a companion exchange with the district leader. i got to
koukan with Hill chōrō and it was so great! we were stopping everyone
left and rIght teaching lessons, and he was Such a powerful teacher.
he talked to me about the importance of teaching with the book of
mormon and how the book of mormon is our greateSt tool in teacHing the
restoration of the gospel. it was so amazing and then the next day
once we had gotten back to marugame i had a grEat experience teaching
with the book of mormon. we were tEaching one of our investigators
juner miller and he was sounding like he was trying to drop us. he was
telling us how he is catholic and we are mormon so he can't join our
church. we felt Prompted to use the book of mormon so we talked about
how he believes the bible to be the word of god and we asked him, as
he has been reading the book of mormon if he has felt that it is the
word of god too. after sharing 2 nephi 29:7-9 and talking about how
the book of mormon is a witness of god and his love for all of his
children both in jerusalem and in other parts of the world his
attitude completely changed. the next time we asked him if he believed
the book of mormon to be the word of god he answered confidently "yes"
we then went on to explain how then joseph smith was a prophet of god
and the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is the restored
gospel of jesus christ himself, and that the book of mormon is proof
of all of that. by the end of the lesson he was thanKing us for
helping him understand, and he was telling us that he believed what we
taught. he also told us that he was going to read the book of mormoN
and pray daily. it was an incredible lessOn that was completely
brought about by the book of mormon. i love the book of mormon so
much! like honestly i have never been so big a fan of reading than i
have on my mission and the only book i have to read is the book of
mormon. i could read it over and over again and never tire of the
spirit and poWer that i receive and feel so powerfully while reading
that inspired book. i say it all the time but i love this gospel so
much. christ and his gospel is the only way to true and lasting
eternal Happiness and i feel it everyday as i testIfy of it. i promise
that as we study the book of mormon daily and really try to ponder its
teachings and how they apply in our lives that we will find that our
lives have more direction and joy that we have ever felt before. you
all rock! i love you all so much and hope that you have a beautiful
book of Mormon power filled week!

Elder Allred

I am a Samaria!
Our friendly hitchhiker that we picked up
Me and Jheff just happen to own the same tie
Us at the slide park we went to last p-day

Zone Training Meeting

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