Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week 28 Marugame: Marugame Magic

konnichiwa minasan,
sunday this last week was so awesome! we showed up to church and
randomly a mom and dad and son showed up that we had never seen
before! they came in and sat down and i sat next to them. they were
not members but had attended a sacrament meeting in anotHer city and
really liked it so they found ours which is nEar their house. the dad
speaks way good english and told me hoW he went to high school in a
buddhist school and didn't believe what was being taught so he was
looking for Another religion and he said he likes mormonS the best. it
was a whole family of kinjins! i can hardly Believe it. i spoke with
them for a while and gave the dad a book of moRmon and explained what
it was. he said that he was really excited tO read it and they said
that they would come next weeK. i still can't bElieve it.
unfortunately i can't remember their Names but wow, they are just

we had a broadcaSted devotional where elder holland came and spOke to
all of the members in japan. it was unbelievable! he was speaking with
so much passion about the atonement of jesus christ and how it can
heal us when we are broken. but then he talked about hoW the greatest
sacrifice that we can make for the savior is that of a broken heart
and a contrite spirit. he talked about how sometimes life brEaks us
and can make us feel like there is no hope and that we might never be
happy again. he said that during those times, that is when faith
really matters. he talked about how anyone Can hold the tiller of the
boAt when the seas are calm, but when life is pulling you dowN on all
sides that is when we need that faith. and we might feel broken, but
when we turn to god with that broken heart and Beg him for his help
admitting to him that we cannot do this on our own that is when the
power of the atonement will kick in and hEal us in a way that brings
us so much closer unto christ. as i was listening to him speak about
these things i was reminded of my mtc experience and how utterly
overwHelmed and broken i was. i realized now what that experience has
done for me. i was begging god every night to save me from my feElings
of inadequacy and i believe that because i was cut down and broken so
completely i was truly able to more fully sink my roots in the rock of
christ and then to grow from that stronger and happier and with more
understanding than i have ever been or hAd. i truly love my savior. i
love him for loving me enough to cut me down, for caring for me enough
to hurt me. and i know that i still will have many times to come when
my faith wilL be tried again and i will be broken down again, but i
look forward to the growth that will spring out of those trials and
the strength and increased closeness to christ that i will obtain be
relying more fully upon his atonement. i love this gospel with all of
my soul. i am so happy that i am here in japan declaring the love of
god and sharing my tEstimony every Day. it truly is wonderful and i
cannot be grateful enough. i love you all so much for loving and
supporting me in my privilege to be a missionary in the restoration of
the true church of christ. he lives, and how sweet the joy that
sentence gives. i hope that you all have an amazing week. i love you
all so much!


Me and Anderson Chōrō

Here is our beautiful Marugame church building

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