Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week 29 Marugame: Painting Testimonies

konnichiwa my friends,
this week has been Another great week in marugame! our investigator
jesus [hey soos] is doing amazing! this last sunday we had an amazing
leSson with him. we were talKing about him and his efforts to receive
an answer to his prayers, And he basically taught himself, or actually
Now that i think about it, it was probably the spirit teaching him!
ah, i love it! he tolD us how he knows that he needs to just keep
praYing because Even though he doesn't feel like he has received an
answer yet, if he stopS now then there's no way that He will get an
answer. he was like the picture perfect investigator. we next went to
moroni 10:3-5 and broke down every element of the scripturAl promise
and he just ate that stuff up. he is such a smart guy and enjoys
discovering the very deeper meaning to things given that he is an
artist. and then actuaLly after we broke down the scripture he
compared his experiences in finding an answer to his prayers to
painting a picture. we then testified to him that the Lord knows
exactly what his potential is and as long as he continues to allow the
lord to guide his search in discovering the answer to his prayeRs then
someday he will step back and be able to seE that the lord had been
painting him into a masterpiece. it was awesome, it was like we were
all in a mormon message playing out the picture perfeCt lesson. he is
progressing so wEll and i would not be surprised at all if very soon
he calls us and tells us that he is ready to be baptized. i am so
excited! great things are happening here and i love it! i love this
work so much. seeing the gospel of christ change people's hearts and
attItudes is the greatest thing in the world. thank you so much for
all of your loVe and support! i love you all so much!
bEing a missionary rocks!


This is a beautiful picture that our friend Jheff drew for me and
Anderson Chorro. Those are our names in Tagalog. It is way cool!

Us with Jheff 

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