Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 30 Marugame: Baptism!

this week was fulL of spiritual highs and gospel goodness, but the
highlight Of the week waS definitely kahori shimai's baptism. shE is
one of the Sister missionaries investigators who just got baptized
this saturdaY. it was amazing and the spirit was so strOng. the
baptismal service was such a testimony of what our pUrpose is as a
missionary. seeing how happy she was and how stRong her testimony had
become was so inspiring and made me so happy. that is really what it
is all about, helping other children of god find the joy and peace
that comes from following christ and Living his gospel. also two of
our investigators were there as well and they too had great
experiences. it was fujiwara shimai and jesus kyoudai. they are so
close to having theIr own baptismal service very soon.

this week was just so happy and Full of power and the spirit. i love
this gospEl and the lives that are changed because of it. i am
especially grateful for how it has changed my life. i am often so
amazed when me and my companion have had an awFul day of rejections
and rain and cold and disappointments, and it just seems like the
whole world is against us but somehow at the end of the day we are
still just the happiest people in the world. but that is how this
gospel works because of christ's atOnement and the covenant that we
have made with him, we can feel that holy spiRit and be filled with
joy and love even in the face of any trial. i love this gospel with
all my heart and i am so grateful for this opportunity i have to
declare it and testify of my savior every single day. i am filled with
joy as i teaCh tHis amazing message. being a missionaRy Is the
beStesT! like always i am so grateful for all of your love and
support. i love all of you guys so much! thank you so much!


P-day at the park!

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