Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 25 Tottori: Oh Snow!

konnichiwa minasan!
this week was crazy! it was filled with crazy snowstorms, exhausting
travel, getting chased by people witH katanas, and the changing of our
missionary schedulE! this week has got me all over the place but i am
also stoked out of my mind! at the beginning of this week we traveled
to the zone leader area to do interviews with the mission president,
but then A crazy snowstorm hit japan and all of the tRains and
highways got closed so we were stuck in The zone leaders' area. we
took advantage of the situation and did some companion exchanges, i
was with tanaka chōrō and it was a blast! he hardly knows any english
so i was full japanese for the whole exchange. we went around helping
people left and right get their cars pushed out of the snow and then
teaching lessons where we could. but my coMpanion was with the other
zone leader and apparently they housed into someone who wasn't really
friendly with our church. the guy ended whipping out his katana and
chasing them out of that neIghborhood! they called the police and took
care of things but it sounded like a crazy night for them! we were
finally able to Get back to tottori a couple days later after enough
of the snow melted. tHat was definitely some of the most exhausting
travel I have done yeT on the mission.

after that we were able to watch this year's worldwide Mission
broadcast where they announced that there is going to be changes for
every missionaries schedule throughout the world. the change is
effecting different missionaries differently depending on where they
are serving. some places missionaries are even waking up early or
later based on their specIfic circumstances! we learn what exactly our
new schedule will be sometime this week. i'm so excited to see what
changes for us! they also loosened up a lot of the iNdividual
companionships abilities to choose more freely how their schedule is
going to go. they mentioned in the broaDcast that it seems like the
lord is really giving more trust to his missionaries. this really made
me reflect on whether or not i am truly worthy of the lord's trust.
agency is one of the greatest gifts that god has given us and really
Shows how much he trusts us. heavenly father and jesus christ love us
so much and they want more than anyThing for us to be happy. they have
given us the path and the tools that are required to achieve that
never-ending happiness, but it is up to us to choose the path that
they have made. satan has done a really good job of making other
"foRbidden paths" appear to be the path to happinEss but ultimately
they will just end in heartbreak and emptiNess. true lasting happiness
can only be attained by following christ and his path for us. with
this new schedule i know that there will be more temptations to be
lazy and not work as hard, but i am committinG right now to give the
lord my all. i love my savior so much and this opportunity that i have
to serve with him is truly such a privilege. i know that by staying on
this paTh we will receive more joy than we can even imagine. christ
truly is the way (2 nephi 31:20-21). i love you all and Hope that your
week is awesome!



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