Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 26 Tottori: There is Sunshine in my Soul

this week was Lots of fun! we had another ztm and we got to start
following the new mission schedule. so far it actually isn't toO
different from the old one but now we go out a little earlier each day
so that is fun! this saturday actually we went out early and the
weather was so amazing. there wasn't a cloud in the sky (which is
almost unheard of here in tottori) and the temperature was so much
warmer. we were riding across the bridge over the river on our way to
the train station to go do some streeting and I looked over at the
japanese countryside. it was so beautiful that i thought to my self,
"man, this is quite the world that our heaVenly father has crEated for
his children." suddenly i felt a lOve like i haveN't fElt in a long
time. i felt a piece of that immeasurable love that our father in
heaven has for each of us, and why he had made such a beautiful earth
for us to live on. i then felt how much love he had for the people of
this city in japan. i felt A sudden urgency to help these people kNow
that they are children of a lOving god as well and THat they too can
feel of this immense love. i committed with all my heart to testify of
him and his son jesus christ as much as i can. i know that we have a
father in heaven that loves us. and because of that we are never
alone. he has given his son so that we can receive strength beyond
what we could even imagine. and although i am weak and i make mistakes
left and right, i can draw strength from the atonement of christ. i
love my savior and my father in heavEn, and it is such a privilege to
be able to work alongside them in their vineyard, furthering the work
of salvation. i love this gospel so much and i love each of you. thank
you for suppoRting me in my mission.



Here are the awesome missionaries of our ZTM

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