Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week 22 Tottori: Group Stuff

i hope that youR first week of 2017 was a great one! mine sure was!
this wEek we did tons of finding trying to deepen our pool of
investigators. this included hours and hours of housing, stopping
everyone we Passed, and an hour and a half bike ridE deep into the
ceNter of the 田舎. but though it was definitely a trying effort to
press on we did it and we found some awesome new investigators. two of
which came to church which is more investigators this branch has seen
at church at once in a long Time! the members were losing their minds!
they were so good though as they went up for fast and testimony
meeting And bore their testimoNies for these people they had never
met. the spirit was so strong and our investigators Could definitely
feel it. their namEs were iwatake san and fujinawa san. they were so
cool and both saId that they would try to come next week so we are
just So excited!

also this week i learned that in the far reaches of tottori (that
Place that took an hour and a half to bike to) us white americans aRe
only a thing of ledgend. i swear, the people were looking at us like
we were a exOtic creature that was hopelessly lost in their little
village, but little do they know that they are actually the ones who
are lost and we were here to bring them back to the fold. at one point
a Group of seven or so kids saw us and started fReaking out, they ran
out into the strEet and jumped and yelled, "herro" and "hao aah you?"
i turned and waved back at them and they all started cheering! it was
hilariouS! half the time i was a monster the other half i was matt
damon. i love the inaka so much! we finally found our less active that
we went there to visit and he was Sick and couldn't walk. we testified
of the healing power of the atonement and that through faith he could
walk again. he told us that he wasn't worthy of faith and
unfortunately despite our attempts to explain to hIm that no one is
beyond the reach of the redeeming love of the savior he would not
change his mind. we gave him alma 32 to read as a commitment then made
the long jOurney home. it was an interesting week for sure. but look
forward to the many more that we will have this year in dedicated
service to our lord. i hope that you all have the bestest of weeks
this Next week. i love you all so much!
mata ne!

elder allred

My companion sat on a camel on p-day
We took senior pics down at the Inaka

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