Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 24 Tottori: Lead Me Guide Me

this week was great! we workEd hard and taught a ton of lessons and
had an awesome zone training meeting. at the zone training meeting i
learned a ton about receiving personal revelation. the spirit truly
can guide us in everything that we do if we just commit to the lord to
follow eVerything that he asks. sometimes that can be rEal difficult,
but that's the thing, it requires complete trust in our heavenly
father and jesus chRist. as soon as we put our trust in them the
spirit will teach us the things that the lord wants us to do. if we
follow those promptings then the Lord will reveal more to us, then if
we follow those we will receive more and more until we are entirelY
being lead by the spirit in all things. the scriptures teach this
perfectly, in 2 nephi 28:30, it says, "blessed are those who hearken
unto my precepts, and lend an ear unto my counsel, for THey shall
learn wisdom; for unto him that receiveth i will give more; and from
them that shall say, we have enough, from them shall be taken away
even that which they have." this is how the lord works, by giving us
little by little so that we are always able to progress. so lately i
have been trying really hard to lIsten to the small promptings of the
spirit so that someday i can be led by the spirit iN all of my
missionary work. it really was such a great meetinG.

besides that we have just been working so hard to find new
investIgators. we keep finding people that seem really promiSing but
then the completely dissapear. if only they knew how incredibly
vAluable this message truly is. but i know that as we continue to Work
hard and follow that spirit that leads us to do good then wE will find
those who will receive us. i love this work so much and sharing it
makes me feel so amazing. my japaneSe is still very choppy but man i
can't tell you how many times the wOrds have just flown out of my
mouth when i need to be bold in testifying about soMething. it really
is so amazing. well i love you all and hope that you have a great

elder allred
Our Zone Training Meeting Crew

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