Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 23 Tottori: Fast Offerings

hello everyone!
this week was crazy! first i must confess i had not paid fast
offeRings on my mission thus far due to how complicated it is in japan
and we just have been failing to get the branch president to help us.
but last monday we paid them! on the way to the post office to send
them in it was raining so hard and mighty thunderings did ring
throughout all the land, but we finished paying our fast offerings and
when we stepped out of the building yEa, the rains did stop and the
thunderings did cease and the sun did break forth out of the clouds
and did shed forth her warmth upon all the earth. and the beauty
thereof was exceedingly great. it was like a message from heaven that
we definitely have been needing to pay our fast offerings. i will for
sure from here on out. however later that day I realized that I had
left my iPad at the post office, and when we went back it was gone.
and i was freaked out because i had a lot of important things on it
that i hadn't backEd up yet.

but the Next day we went to a mission conference and i saw miracles
along the way. first was i got my ipad back! someone had returned it
to the post office after attempting to open it a quite a few Times and
got it disabled for a while. but i got it back so it's all good! at
the mission conference it was so awesome! elder whiting from the area
70 taught tons of great things about receiving revelation through the
spirit, and progressing towarDs becoming a better missionary. my
favorite thing that I learned from the devotional was that, we should
be progressing and making changes to be better all the time, as soon
as we stop progressing and becoming more like christ, satan wins. also
he tAught if you want to see miracles first you have to get out of the
boat. these things have been reaffirmed in my mInd time and time
again. the truly amazing thing about this gospel is that it is
centered on christ and us progressing each day to become more and more
like christ. he is truly, as the scriptures say, the way. it is only
through him that we make it back to our father in heaven, so let us
make steps down that path everyday. i love my savior with all of my
heart. so many times on my mission already i have been lifted up and
given more strength than i know would ever be possible without him. in
the language, in the rejection, and in my own feelings of
discouragement. he has rescued me time and time again and i am nothing
but indebted to him. i will declare his word and abide in his love. i
am so greatful for this unbelieveable opportunity to labor with the
Lord in his vineyard. because i've seen how much he loves his
children, and i am amazed beyond belief that he would trust me with
the gathering of his precious sheep. i love my mission, and i love all
of You for your support and love. i hope that your week is すばらしい!and
that each day we can make a step towards christ no matter where we are
on that path.



It snowed in Totorri!
My smile is super crooked because half my face was numb.

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