Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 12 Tottori: Happy Ha-ro-u-i-n

hello friends,
this week was another Super exciting week in japan! but the best part of the week was our ward halloween party! the missionaries helped a ton in the prEparation and the sEtting up of games for the party so a large portion of our day on saturday was dedicated to setting things up for the party. it was so fun! we had bobbing for apples, a toilet paper mummy making game, pumpKin carving (which is unheard of in japan), and then we had lots and lots of candy (including octopus dumplings). it was so fun and everything went great! THEre were even a handful of non members who came who we were able to meet and introduce ourselves to as the missionaries! it was so super awesome! my companion came dressed up in his captain america costume that he got sent to him, and i ran over to the dollar store and got stuff so that i could be a doctor. pictures will be attached.

besides that this weeK was really just super rainy, but i learned a lot about patIence. we haven't beeN having a lot of success in our efforts lately and it has kinda been getting me down. i prayed really hard this week and i found this scripture, alma 32:40-43. it talks about beinG Diligent in your faith and having hOpe in the proMise that blessings will come because they don't always come right away. i realized that i need to be more focused on trusting the lOrd and his timing, and i know that someday i will see the blessings and i will be filled with more happiness and joy than i can even imagine. and at that time i will look back and realize what an incredible journey it was. i know that the lord loves his children and that he knows them personally. i know that though we sometimes Face hardships in life, if we stay focused on the reason we are staying stronG in the faith of the lord we will sOmeday taste of that fruit that perisheth not and when we eat we will be filleD with the love of christ and thirst no more.
i love you guys, have a very happy halloween!

elder allred

p.s. oh and i forgot to mention, i also got hit by a car this week, but its all good, i'm perfectly okay. getting hit by a car is nothing compared to getting hit by gabe summers playing football!


Me and my companion

The guests

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