Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 13 Tottori: The Helmet Thief

this week was full of meetings. there was district leader training meeting, trainer trainee training meeting, and zone training meeting. lots and lots of training. but in between meetings some great things happened. first off we played touch rugby with everyone who was at the meetings. they had me teach everyone the rules and then we played on a dirt field. i felt like ricK penning from forever strong teaching his ragtag bunch of inmates how to play the sport that is for men. minus the inmates part, for these men were my brethren of the cloth. fellow soldiers in the lord's army. man it felt good. i miss rugby so much! also we met a man whIle on our trip of many training meetings who was golden! we taught him on a bench in a pArk and he kept telling us that he felt so happy as we were teaching him. now he has a book of mormon and he told us that he is so excited to read it because he loves jesus christ. what a guy, am i right? it is so nice to find people like him every once in a while because those are the people who we are looKing for. 

finally all of the meetings were over and we traveled back to our humble city of tottori. and when we got back i learned that heaven truly does have a sense of humor because right before we left for the meetings i left my bike locked up at the train stAtion. and i joked to my companion how its a good thing that i don’t need to worry about locking up my helmet because nobody wears helmets in japan. but low and behold when we got back his helmet was fine, but mine was nowhere to be found. it was Hilarious. the helmet thief also took the headlight off my bike and it was dark so we walked our bikes back to our apartment singing "the lord is my light" what a week.

so many times throughout this week i received little reminders of the lord's love and care that he has for us. like right after this guy turned us down after what i thought was a really great lesson me and my companion prayed for comfort, and i swear i could almost feel christ right next to me with his arm around me. i knew he was nearby and that he was reminding me why i am out here. i love him and i know that he lives. his love has shaped my life and i need to share it with all those who will accept it. i know that there will be people who don’t accept the gospel at this point in their lives, but the savior just needs us to keep on trying. and as long as we are worthy and standing as witnesses of him in word and in deed, then he will walk with us. and carry us when we can no longer stand. i love the words of the song "the lord is my light" because that is how we should allow our lives to be guided. walking in the light of his everlasting love. i love you guys and i am so glad that you are all my family and friends. i hope that you have an Amazing week.

elder allred

Here is my plate at a Japanese buffet that I ate at this week... yeah it was good!

The streets of Kobe.

I had to search everywhere but I found it...blessed Nutella!

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