Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 15 Tottori: Feeding the Hungry

this last week was transfer week and so i am officially on my second
transfer! time is just going way too fast! but fortunately i got to say
in good ole' tottori which is "tottori" awesome! this last week was so
good! we put up numbers like have never Before been seen in tottori,
and we are slowing getting more and more support from our church
members! it is so great! missionary work honestly depends all on
member help. when mEmbers are giving us referrals and are willing to
go and meet our investigators and come to lessons and befriend the
less actives and people we are trying to bring into the fold, then
missionary work explodes! and in addition to that, they start giving
the missionaries tons and tons of food! it's like the greatest win-win
in the world! the salavation And joy of hungered souls and the joyous
ingurgitation of hungry boys. oh it is wonderful. wonderful, to me.

we have been putting in a ton of work and will be this transfer
because our mission president has promised us that in every
companionship we can see a baptism by the end of the year. so we are
going to have to work hard but i know that we will see one. i am so
excited to see a souL brought unto christ this transfer just in tIme
for christmas. i have been so happy too this last week and I can truly
feel the joy that radiates from this Gospel. i am really starting to
gain a love for the people that we teach and i want so badly to be
able to help them feel the joy that i have been feeling. at this point
i am not really sure where the baptism is going to come from, but i
know that it will come from somewhere because someone Holding priesthood keys has promised it to us, and i know that god keeps his promises as long as we do our part. our promises to god truly empower us, that is why covenants like baptism are so important. when we make promises to our heavenly father, it shows that we Trust him and then when we follow our end of the deal he will pour out blessings to us in our lives. the christmas season is rolling in and i hope that you all have the happiest of holidays and are filled with the light of christ and the love that he has for each of you.



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