Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 11 Tottori: Earthquake!!!!

this week was great! we are Still Hard At work looking for new investigators, but we are seeing blessings left and right. we met a new person too, her name is ueta. she was appaRently visited by the missionaries like 8 years ago and really wants to learn more about the church, so we've got high hopes for her as we go and teach her this wEek!

we were also Teaching a less active member earlier this
week, noda shimai, and she had her daugHter with her. we met at the
church with a couple of members, and we taught the fIrst lesson and
everything went aweSome. and right at the end we were bearing
testimony and the spirit was so strong, and i could feel it and she
could feel it and it was just getting stronger and stronger as we
promised her blessings and we Grew closer to the cOmmitment. i was so
excited i thought that i might pee my pants... but then her daughter
beat me too it, and a yellow lake formed in the middle of room. we
spent the next 20 minutes cleaning up and helping where we could, but
refocusing was difficult. she was super embarrassed but we assured her
that it was all good and we managed to rope the lesson back around and
finish very spiritually. we finished and She wants to come back to
church! woot woot! it was definitely our most interesting lesson that
we taught this week.

and then there was the earthquake! that was exciting. we were on our
bikes and all of the sudden the houses that we were next to started
making a lot of noise and the telephone Poles all started shaking we
thought it was the wind so we stopped to feel how strong it was, but
when we got off our bikes we realized that the whole earth was
shaking. it was so weird, it felt like i was on a giant ship riding
through choppy waters. it didn't last too long, but apparently it was
like a size 6 and actually took down an old building somewhere!
there were a couple of after shocks, but from what i know (and i don't
know much but..) nobody got hurt. i actually thought that it was
awesome! and then a voice came over the town intercom system and
started saying something really Echoey in japanese. it kinda felt like
the apocalypse was starting, and i was like bring it on! because we are
missionaries and we are invincible! just kidding i didn't say that
because we are also very humble. 

but things are going great in our little town of tottori. i can really feel the lord's hand in this work. my japanese still isn't that great, my companion, elder wheeler, keeps saying that "they listen to what you are saying because they can tell how much you care by how hard you try." so sometimes we just need to accept the fact that we are not perfect at some of the things that we face in life, but the lord will be able to tell how much you care by how hard you try. and i know that if we just try our very best and give it our all, then the lord will make up the rest. i Love you guys and hope that your week is filled with awesomeness!

elder allred

I made curry!

Out making contacts

Oh にほん

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