Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 14 Tottrri: Lifting Others, Lifting Rocks

hello everyone!
this Week just flew by! and unfortunately the bad wEather and a couple other inconveniences mAde the work pretty slow this week, but we are going to get up and get going with the work this week for suRe! first off, this last week my companion crashed his bike 3 times and popped his tire twice! poor guy. and one of those times we were about 10 kilometers away from the bike shop, and on top of that thE heavens had been opened, but not in the good way, for they were dumping tons and tons of water down on us! the devil was definitely sending forth his mighty storms to try and stop us, but nay we fixed that bike and went right back out into the raiN to dendo (proselyte)! Unfortunately none of our appointments came through, but i definitely learned patience, and the importance of wearing waterproof clOthes. 

also this week we had the opportunity to go and help serve at the places that really got affected by the earthquake that happened last month. in japan it is really difficulT to find real good service opportunities so it was a great experience being able to serve the community in that way. iT was so great to see How service really opened the hearts of people who probably wouldn't have any interest in the gospel. wE had the oppORtunity to sort of explain who we were and why in the world two big white guys from america were speaking japanese like a 4 year old while lifting out all of the rocks that had fallen into their flooD canals. hopefully their memorIes of the missioNaries helping them in a time of need will stay with them and will help them later in their lives to accept the joyous message that is the message of the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ. then i hope they will be able to feel the happiness and peAce that has come to me that only comes from following the savior jesus christ and allowing his infinite atonement to Raise us higher than we could ever be on our own. well it's been another awesome week here in japan, hopefully next week is just as good. I love You all and hope that your weeks are すばらしい!

アルレッド長老 (elder allred)

Me after my first Japanese haircut!... (sorta looks like an American haircut...oh)
I went to conveyor belt sushi this last week. It changed my life!
I made crepes. おいしい、おいしい
Shafts in the whirlwind!

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