Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 4: Mormon Pirates

こんいちわみなさん、(kon'nichiwa minasan, (hello everyone))

this week at the mtc was completely different than all the rest! this week i didn't once feel overwhelmed by the language or the tasklist or the lack of sleep. i feel as the people of alma must have felt (to a smaller degree) after they had been in the bondage of the lamanites and started to crY unto god that he might rescue them frOm the brutal work and suffering tHat the lamanites were putting them thrOugh. the lord then promised that he would "ease the burdens which are put upon [their] shoulders, that even [theY] cannOt feel them upon [their] backs. (mosiah 24;14-15) well i've been doing a lot of crying unto the lord lately and i can feel the difference. he has made my burden ligHt and i lOve him for that, as well As for the infinite aMount of other things that he has done for me. 

there was a talk shared this week abOut declaring Repentance to all, and the difference that one can make. what i learned from this talk was that we are gathering the lord's elect, Meaning the peOple who will hear the lord's voice and follow him (john 10:27) so a missioN is lesS about convincing people that the gospel is true, and more about searching and finding the people that are searching for truth and will foLlow their savior. this makes me think of my mission as more of a treasure hunt than two years of preaching, whIch makes me super excited! because aren't we all priceless treasures to the lord. after all, he did pay an inFinite price so that wE might live with him again. so I guess i'm on a mission From the lord to find his lost treasure and bring them back tO him. so i guess that makes me somewhat of a moRmon pirate, looking all over the world in search of the lord's lost gold. so that makes the spirit my map, the book of Mormon my shovel, and my companion my parrot?

have a grEat week!

elder allred

Here is a picture of my trusty crew! (district)

Here's me playing with my birthday gifts.

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