Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 3: A Missionary Concert

konichiwa minasan,

this week went really fast! i have been teacHing lessons in jApanese every single day. it is kind of exhausting, but i am getting a lot better at japanese. i can talk to people now without even looking at my notes, i have to talk Really really slow and i have no idea what they are saying back to me, but i can still Do it. i am still riding a roller coastEr of emotions, but at least i haven't gotten Sick yet! buT my district members have been Telling me that my hair is turning wHite and falling out, i keep telling myself that they are just jokIng, but now i stress about every hair that falls into my haNd while i do my hair in the morninG and that is just making it worse. please pray for my haIr.

bEsides more japanese and discussions, we had a super awesome sunday this week! nashVille tribute band camE and peRformed what i'm calling a missionary concert (it's exactly Like a real concert just withOut the standing or the dancing or the cheering or the clapping) it was definitely Very spiritually lit. the music was a little cheEsy at times, but it carrieD some profound messages. they talked about how sometimes persecutions will come when you are acting in the name of the lord, but the peace is worth the persecution. sometimes it is hard to be a disciple of christ, the world seems to be getting ever more despising of Those who follow god and his standards. sometimes you may face insults and persecutions about the things yOu believe or the policies that you follow, but i promise you that out of them all the lord will deliver you. and regarDless of what people might say or what you hear on the news or what people tell you is wrong or right, i promise you that the peace is wOrth the persecution. so "let us all press on in the work of the lord."


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Go here to listen to a song from the Missionary Concert

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