Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week 1: MTC Eat. Sleep. Japanese.

hey guys,

this email signifies the Completion of the first week of my mission to kobe, japan. only 103 more to go! it feels like i have been in the mtc for months already though. i know my way around like i've been here my whole life, and i've spent more time with my companion and district than i spent playing pokemon go before i left, and that's saying sometHing! it has also been one of the most busiest and  confusing weeks of my life. i was dropped off at the mtc and then 25 minutes later i was being taught a lesson in 100% japanese! it's crazy! i have learned so much though, i can already pray, bear my testimOny, and invite someone to get baptIzed all in japanese. i have also already learned one of the three japanese alphabets so yeah, the gift of tongues is Real! i can't wait to be able to communicate to people in a different language and be able to share my knowledge and testimony of the restoration of the gospel to the people of japan! my favorite part of this week though was the fIrst day when i got here, we all Sang we'll bring the world his truth, and at the part where you would normally say "and we will be the lord's missionaries" we sang "and we are now the lord's missionaries to bring the world his truth." that is when it hit me. that i am here and i am his missionary, and i can't wait to bring the world his truth.

also i have already had my first Language slip up, and it was in english! we were talkIng about how and what we should do when teaching investigators, and i was trying to say that we should be illuminated with the light of christ. but instead i said that we should be illuminati. and then i paused and beFore i could correct myself everyone started laughing, so now i am known as the Elder in our district that is apart of the illuminati... so yeah.

well that's my week. may god be with you all,

Elder Allred 

Me and my Doryou (companion) Elder Cook

Temple Walk

First Day of Nihongo (Japanese

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