Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 2: A Little Late...Treats & Komodo Dragons

i had technical difficulties getting this one off last week, sorry.

this week was definitely すばらし! i had another language slip up! this time it was in japanese with one of my japanese investigators. I was telling her all about how we are heavenly father's children, but i accidentally was using the wrong word for children the whole time and ended up teaching a lesson all about how we are all heavenly father's koModo dragon's hahahaha!

besides that there was a very important discovery made this week. it is a drink cocktail that tastes like pAradise a pictUre will be provided. i have also discovered a few problems, number one the mtc food is making me fat, apparently sItting in a desk all day and then eating tons of chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk and going back for seconds at every meal isn't super healthy, so i need to do something about that. number two, all of my roommates are sick with strep throat, So i am in trouble. and third, japanese is really hard. however while i was pouting and complaining, or murmuring, about this last problem, something that bonnie oscarson said in this tuesday's devotional really helped reboost my spirits. she shared the story of the currant that the gardener cut back because it wasn't bearing frUit. in the story the gardener says that after he cut it back he saw drops like tears gathering on the cut branches of the currant bush as if the currant bush was saying why have you cut me down i was making such growth and now i can do nothing why would you do this to me. to which the gardener replied that i am the gardeNer here and i know what i want you to become and someday, when you have grown into an beautiful fruit bearing currant bush you will thank me and say, thank you mr gardener. thank you for loving me enough to hurt me. this is how i have felt with my japanese. i kept saying why would you have me learn japanese i could do so much moRe if i could teach from my heart in english. but i have faIth that the lord knows who he wants me to become and that someday when i
 have recognised the blessings and happiness that has come from my humbling experiences here i will say, thank you father. thank you for loving me enough to hurt me. i hope that all of you know how much the lord loveS you and that if you sometimes feel like you are being cut down by life, that god knows you, and he knows your potential, and he will make you successful and happy if you trust in him and Endure to the end.

elder allred

This is my name tag!

What we named this MTC specialty drink is in the email.

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