Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 5: Wars and Rumors of Wars

hey y'all,

this week was great! it started out with nauboaki, he's a japanese karaoke master who shared his conversion experience with us in japanese. and the crazy thing is i understood all of it! my japanese is getting a lot better, and it is FiRing me up! i am so pumped to get to japan so that i can find people likE him to teach the gospel to! 

we got nerf gunS in a package to one of my district members this week. so wHat do you get when you have a bunch of nerf guns, and you add a group of eight japanese elders who have been studying the war Chapters in alma for their bOok of mormon reading this week? you get a bUnch of japanese lamenites playing captuRe the plAtes, one in the quiver, and king of the hill kumorah. yeah, it's been a blast! much strataGem is involved. and the best part is that me and my companion are the champions of war. we have out flankEd and ambushed every other companionship in the district and have claimed the title of captain moroni and teancum. 

well while the nerf wars begin the war for righteousness still rages on. we are all in the lord's army and he promises us thaT as we fight in this fight to bring to pAss the salvation of his children that our arm will be his arm and that he will be our shield and that we will triumph over all of our enemies. (d&c 35:13-15) i know that even though we may feel weak at times that through the lord we will be strong. so put on the lord's armor pick up the sword of the spirit and let us all go to battle against the evil temptations and trials of this world, for the lord will never forsaKE us. amen

elder allred

Here is Nauboaki and the District
Our Weekly Temple Trip

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