Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 10 Tottori: Group Letter (late)

hey everyone!
this week was crazy! i worked hard, i Got soaked, i ate cow tongue;
liver; and stomach, and me and my companion found new investigators!!
the one whO is progressing the fastest though is this guy named yuto.
we talked to him for awhile in front of the train station and told him
a whole bunch about christ and our beliefs. at the end we gave him our
number and wrote Down his, we invited him to church on sunday and he
said that he would like to come but might not be able to because of
something that was going on that day for him, and then We gave him a
book of mormon and said goodbye. the next day on saturday, early in
the morning we received a call from him and he said that he had been
thinking abOut what we said to him and wanted to talk with us as soon
as possible. in 15 minutes we were at the church and he showed up. it
turns out that he had some fRiends who were mormon who he had called
the night before and who had told him that he needed to taKe the
lessons, so we spent the morning teaching him the first lesson, and at
the end he said that if he found out that the church waS true then he
would be baptized! we promised him that if he would read the book of
Mormon and pray that he would know whether or not this church was true
he saId that he would and then he left. we meet with him again soon
and hope with all my heart that he reads and prays because i know that
he will feel the spirit. this week has been a week of miRacles and i
know that the lord answers our prayers and that he cAres deeply for us
and our needs. i know that the book of mormon is the word of god and
that if we read it and live its teaChings that we will be bLessed with
incomprehensible joy and happiness. the book of mormon is amazing,
prayers arE amazing, christ's love is amazing, and with it you can do
thingS that are beyond your own. i love all of you and hope that you
have a すばらしい week!

elder allred

Ramen noodles, おいしい、おいしい!
YUM YUM, Cow tum tum
Me and Elder Wheeler made some Japanese Fried Chicken
Oh yeah check out the new ride!

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