Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 7: Loving the Lord's Love

konichiwa minasan,

There isn't much to report on this week. i have just been trying harder and Harder this week to be a better representative of christ! i'm falling prEtty short seeming that he is perfect and i am far from it, but i can see a distinct difference in the days when i filL the day with hymns and service, as opposed to the days when i'm distracted and not as in tune with Our purpose. so many times this week i have heard the message that thRough going on a mission, you get way more than you give. this has really lifted my spirits because right now i feel pretty spent. it is harD work being a missionary, but as they say here at the mtc, "everythIng that was ever worth doing, was hard." i believe this to be true. it Seems like every day that i put MYself aside and work as hard as i can to become better, i am so much happier than the days when i slack off. the most amazing thing about this gospeL is that everything that we put into it, we receIve back 10 fold! i know this. and i know that we owe so much to our savior jesus christ. i know what he did for each of us and i love him for it. i love this Gospel. i love the Happiness and the peace that we feel as we serve him. i love how i know who i am because i am a child of god. i love his love and i can't wait to share it with The people of japan! 

i hope that this week is a great one for you all!

elder allred

This is the view of the mountains from where my companion and I study

A selfie of me writing emails after realizing that I didn't take any pictures this week (sorry next week I will repent and do better)

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