Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Week 6: Feasting Upon the Words of Christ

happy hump day everyone,
this week at the mtc was a phenomenal one! i have been eating up the Book of mormon! i have really learned what it means to truly fEast upon the words of christ. the stories and the teachings that are in the book of mormon are so Amazing! there are so many truths and principles both easy to find and hidden within the book of mormon, and ever since i have been a missionary i have been noticing so many more of them and also understanding the stories and feelings behind the stories so much more! i literally can't Wait in between personAl studies to be able to read it some more. also everyone laughs at me because i have been trying to read it like it is my first time, and so i am sincerely concerned when a daily reading assignment leaves off at a cliff hanger! i just don't Know how captain moroni is going to get out of this one, and i sure hope that those two thousand sons of helaman, that havE never seen battle, are going to be alright! πŸ˜“ 

besides book of mormon studies thIs week has been all over the place. but we've Now had three apostles come and speak to us in a row which is unheard of! the spirit has been quite abundant here in the mtc as of late, and it just keeps getting better. my japanese skills still have a long way to go, but i am definitely improving fast. we watChed meet the mormons 2 a couple nigHts ago and theRe was a segment on a japanese famIly and it pumped me up So much i honestly haven't been able to stop bowing to people ever since! it is going to be so great! i love this gospel so much and i can't wait to share it with oThers! 


elder allred

Friends at the MTC

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