Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week 44 Sumoto: 父の日

happy father's day,
or in japan, 父の日 (chichi no hi) this Week was crazy! osaka chōrō got transfered which was way sad! we had gotten so close and were teaching way well together, evEn though we were only together for one transfer,
and we talked in practically all japanese! but He is such a great missionary and is now serving in a place near kyoto called nara. i ended up staying in sumoto And got a new japanese companion named sato chōrō! i am literally way lucky to have this many japanese companions because there aren't too many in the mission. it isn't uncommon for a missionary to go there whole mission without haVing one and i've alrEady had two.

my japanese is getting way better and i can tell because people on the street keep asking me how many years i have been in Japan 😎 they are pretty blown away when i tell them that i have been here only Since last october. but i am still far from fluent. my new companion speaks sO fast and it is sometimes really hard to understand him. i will need to get better at understanding faster speakers this transfer and also speaking faster Myself. but me and him have been working with everything that is in us to strengthen this branch. we have had a weekend full of success And miracles. it is so crazy, we spend the whole day opening out mouth to everyone we see aNd nobodY listens and then out of nowhere someone will come to us or call us and want to start taking the lessons again or come back to church. it is amazing. i am truly coming to understand how the lord works. when we put in as much effort as we possibly can and give it all to him and be as exactly obedient as we can, then he will make up the rest. i have seen that time and time again in my mission and i know that he is aware Of our effort. i have come to realize that it is far less important about what you say or how you say it in talking to people about the gospel and much more importaNt about how you have prepared yourself beforehand to be worthy so that the spirit can teach them through you, and then you just have to take that leap of faith and open your mouth and do it. if we have the spirit because we are worthly livIng our lives in accordance with the gospel and the missionary rules, then we can stop someone on the street and tell them that god is our loving heavenly father in the worst japanese in the wOrld, and they, if they choose to open their heart, will feel that it is true. i know this to be true, and i love this work. aNd this father's day i am so grateful for my father on earth and also our eternal father in heaven who watches over me and comforts me and directs me daily and fills my soul with joy and love. i hope that you all have a great week. i love you So much!

elder allred

Me and Osaka Choro harvesting some onions for a member

Me and Osaka Choro’s last picture together
Me and Sato Choro!
Saving a turtle who was in imminent danger

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