Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 40 Sumoto: 母の日

happy mother's day everyone!
i was able to skype my family earlier Today and it was so great! man i miss them so much, but Each time that i have seen them out on my mission it has reminded me of how amazing it is that i get to be together with them forever. i truLy love them so much and knowing that no matter what happens if we hold out faithfuL to the end that then we will be able to be with each other eternallY in a state of never-ending happiness makes up for all Of the missed basketball games and delicioUs family dinners and nights where we are all laughing so hard together that ouR abbs are sore the next day, because the reason that i am out here is so that other people can have that same hope and joy in their own Families and homes. this gospel is incredible And it is true. I have never understood that more in My life than i do now as a missIonary. Love your families, forgive them, and do whatever it takes so that You can be together forever in the kingdom of god. this is real, and how great the importance to make it known to all the inhabitants of the earth. jesus christ is our savior and he is the waY to true and lasting happiness in this life and forever. i am sO grateful for this opportUnity to work and serve with the lord in sharing the good news of his gospel. i LOVE you all so much and hope That tHis wEek is Magical! yoshi! let's go be a light!

elder allred

Me and Elder Osaka found baby bunnies at a park!
Here's the view from our apartment in Sumoto!
Mother's Day FaceTime!

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