Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 20 Tottori: メリークリスマス!

merry christmas!!!

i love this time of year and i love this holiday! unfortunately Pretty
much nobody celebrates christmas in japan, it isn't even a holiday
really because everyone still has work. but that didn't stop us fRom
wishing everybody we saw a merry christmas and trying to give them the
present of their eternal salvation! christmas morning i really prAyed
to father in heaven that investigators would come to church, but when
church came around none of our investigators had shown up, but then
out of know where a guy we had never seen before came into the church
speaking english! we asked him where he was from and he told us
vietnam. he told us that his name was "ka" and that he was going to be
in japan for a year studYing mechanical engineering. he came to church
because his girlfriend is christian and told him that they Couldn't
get married until he becOmes christian too. so then he told us, "so i
want to be christian but I don't want to believe in god, i think
christ will be okay with that." yeah... we have a little bit of work
to do, but he is so willing to do aNything that we asked him to do so
i really think that he will come around and truly come to know thaT
christ is his savior and god is his heavenly father who loves and
cares for him. then after we taught him the fIrst lessoN he asked us
if it was alright if we could meet everyday to stUdy the gospel. he's
pretty much pure gold! so that was our christmas miracle. i truly am
so grateful for a savior and father in heaven that loves and cAres for
each and every one of us and who always hears our prayers, and who
blesses us at unexpected times and in unexpected ways so that we might
feel the pure joy of his gospel. christ was born and he lived and died
for us. and he Lives. and he gave us a gift that is bigger than we can
imagine, and aLthough we might not be able to return gifts to him like
gold, francensece, and mhurr (however those are spelled) we can give
him the gift of our broken hearts and contrite spirits being devoted
to follow him and to serve and love his sheep. because whenever we do
something for another one of god's children we are trulY doing that
thing for christ (matthew 25:40). i love you all so much! i hope that
your days are merry and bright and that all your christmases are

elder allred

Merry Christmas!
This is the mountain of Goodies that the members gave us for Christmas

Then there is my おしい Christmas breakfast

We went caroling as a Zone and taught everyone who stopped to listen it was magical!

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