Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 17 Tottori: Rain Rain

happy holidays!
it is finally the christmas season and i am stoked out of my mInd! even here in japan people are puTting up treeS and there are lighTs going up all over the town. now i just need to let them know that witHout them rEalizing it they are celebrating the birth of jesus christ, then i can tell theM all about whO that is. this week was super rainy! and i learned very thoroughly that it is imposSible to keep your pants dry during a japanese rain. yesterday i wore 2 "water proof" pants over the Top of my slacks and evaded puddles on my bike like they were the plague and still when I got back to the apartment and got out of my rain gear, lo and behold the pants thereof were exceedingly wet. and Wet pants make for a sad missiOnary because i have to get those things dry cleaned, i can't just throw them in the wash! #missionaryproblems

but amidst this dowNpour of struggles the lorD gavE me and my companion gReat light this last week. we Found a couple of people who really seem like they are going to be golden investigators. and also one of the less actives that we have been trying to get to church for the longest time, ogUra kyodai, finaLly came! i was so happy to see him aT sacrament meeting i almost faInted for fullness of joy. i love that guy so Much! also this wEek another bright light for us was the "light the world" christmas video. we have been sharing it with everyOne and it has made such a difference in the response to our contacts. it is unreal how strongly you can feel the spirit as you watch it. and also the videography skills on it are incredible. so iF you haven't seen it, it is Totally worth the time to go look it up on mormon.org. man i am so excited for cHristmas! i can't imagine a better thing to bE doing during the celebratorY season of the birth of christ than to be sharing the light of his everlasting love. he lived and died for us and we arE so blessed to have this knowledge in our lives, let's shAre it with the entire world! i love my savior jesus christ and i feel his love. i hope that you all feel it too this wonderful christmas season. you all Rock so much!

love you all,
elder allred

Happy Holidays!

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