Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 19 Tottori: It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

konnichiwa minasan!
this week was senior week for me in my training, which essentially
means i get to pretend to be the senior companion for a week while
having a trainee's speaking ability. as you can imagine it was really
fun. but as hard as leading all of the planning, teaching, appointment
setting, and reporting things that we have going on is, the most
daunting task i had to accomplish this week was being in charge of the
phone. the phone is scary for two reasons. one, to text we have to use
kanJi (the complicated japanese characters that look like this 脱藩),
and two, people talk at inhuman speeds and it's impossible to fake
like you get what's gOing on on the phone. so mix all that with an
inexperienced trainee and instead of saying that my companion's bike
broke and he was so sad he cried, i accidentally told a member that mY
companion's bike broke and he was so sad that he died. and she was
like "what? is thaT why you answered the phone this week?" it was

but despite the uncoordinated planning meetings and awkward teaching
appOintments that happened this week we saw a huge miracle! this
saTurday we went with a bunch of our english class students and made
soba noodles. one of our english students brought his friend yuji with
him. we talked to yuji about churcH and he was really interested. he
told us that his hobby was studying the bible, and wE were like...
this guy is a staight 金人 (kinjin). we invited him to church and he
came yesterday! our ward members fellowshiped him so super well and we
taught him about the restoration. we asked him if he read a little and
prayed about the book of mormon and got an answer if he Would be
baptized. and he said, "of course!" we are so stoked! we found out
that he had been to church meetings before so he could pOssibly be
baptized this year! this is the miracle that we have been looking for.
i have felt the love of our savior so strong the last few days and
know that through him and his infinite atonement all things are
possible! i know that as soon as we accept that his woRk needs to be
done in his way and start completely relying on the spirit as our
guide and put full trust in him, then we will receive strength beyond
our own and miracles will flow into our Lives. he lives and supports
everyone who comes unto him and establishes their founDation upon his
rock. i love being a missionary and i love you all! i hope that you
all have the merriest of christmases and the happiest of new years!



Here is our Soba making experience!

All Done!

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